Gibbs Flood

Dear, Sidney Mitchell and Housing Director Oscar Crummity.

This is what should have been done by the plumber. That wood have Not cased the massive flood at Gibbs.

After the plumber had completed the repair on the pre-existing problem with the water system.

(1) When the job was completed. The Main water valve to the problem must be turned on Dead slow………. To refill the line. Why? Because old & new water pipes have rust and debree in them. Any shurge or vibration in them. When water is turned on will caues the rust in the piles to be sent to the end of the flow. In this case the valves (Flush ameters / valves) at the end of the run of pipes.

(2) Understanding this. The valves at the end of the run should have been turned off at the beginning of the job. Why? Because some of the rust in the pipes (will always) case the valves to plug or slow, when the lav valves are activeted.

When at the completion of the repair. Each of the individual valves could have been turned on and checked for problems. (Thus insuring the valve system was in the best running order.)

Iam providing with this information becuse.

If I ; A 1973 Graduate of FMU. And out of work. Had been haired as your Facilities Engineer.

Whin I applyed last year. And interviewed for the opening.

This and the upcoming problems would have not accrued.

But I never even got a polite. We got someone else; Thank you for your effort and your 20yrs of experence in maintenancce with NorthroupGurmman. Letter.

Well. GOD Dont like ugly….

Good luck. Edwin King