Earring becomes popular accessory for men in America

Today, it is common to see men who have one or both ears pierced.

From stud rings to plugs, choosing jewelry pieces to decorate the ear lobe has become a popular trend among men in America.

Bink Williams, owner of Advanced Tattoo Studio located at 739 N. Monroe St., said men as well as women come to his shop on a daily basis to have various parts of their bodies pierced.

Williams said body piercing is an ancient tradition dating back to the primitive tribes of Africa, especially among warriors and tribal priest.

According to http://www.painfulpleasures.com, many primitive tribes believe demons can enter the body through the ear. Because demons and spirits are supposed to be repelled by metal, ear piercings prevent them from entering the body.

The Web site also said sailors had many uses for piercings. They used to have an ear pierced to improve eyesight. If the body of a sailor washed upon shore, the earring would pay for a proper burial.

“There are many masculine designs to choose from, the majority of plug designs are replicas of traditional warrior ear pieces,” Williams said. “Most men choose to have their ears pierced to enhance their look.”

Quinton James, 19, a second year business administration student from Chicago, pierced his ears in four different places as well as his tongue to add flare to his appearance.

“A female can look good without a new hair style, but with a fresh style that female will look better,” James said. “For a male, earrings can show a man’s personality and enhance his appearance.”

He said having a pierced tongue and ear lobes gives him a distinctive look and separates him from other people, but his piercings also draws positive and negative attention.

“My stud earrings, especially my tongue ring, catches the female eye, but I know as a business administration student, the corporate world will not appreciate my rings,” James said. “What you do in your own backyard, you can’t do on another person’s front porch.”

Mary Harden, 24, a piercing enthusiast, who has eight body piercings, and enjoys the painful process said she hates to see a man with pierced ears.

” The ear lobe is an erogenous zone therefore men or women should not have their ears pierced,” Harden said. “After all, a man wearing ear rings looks very feminine.”

Junelle Burgess, 20, a recreational therapy student from Bermuda, said men who have one pierced ear is attractive.

“I like one stud in a man’s ear,” Burgess said. She said one earring gives a thuggish appearance and two or more earrings gives a feminine approach.

“Guys if you want to get your ears pierced, please keep it to a minimum,” she said.

There are some health-related topics that men and women should be conscious of when embracing this ancient tradition.

Williams said all piercings should be performed by a trained professional who uses quality jewelry.

“Consumers need to educate themselves, because a lot of the jewelry available is bad quality and not bio-compatible,” Williams said.

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