Clark: team needs consistence

Editor’s Note: Every Monday, The Famuan Sports section will speak with a Rattler Head Coach in a feature called Coach’s Corner. This week, Sports Editor Will Brown spoke with women’s basketball Head Coach Debra Clark, following a loss to Maryland-Eastern Shore Saturday.

Famuan: What is wrong with Elana Greene and when will she be back on the court?

Greene tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in her right knee, she is expected to have surgery today.

Clark: She’s a big loss, replacing her is going to have to be a team effort. We won’t wallow in our own pity, we still have a job we have to do.

F: With Greene out for the season, how important have post players Quidara Russell and Ariel Towns to the team’s success?

C: We need them to be a lot more productive with Elana out. They are going to have to be productive on a more consistent basis.

F: How important were last weekend’s games, considering a victory Saturday over Maryland-Eastern Shore would have left your team a half game behind conference leader Coppin State College?

C: It was huge. We talked about taking advantage of home court. This (loss) really hurt us.

F: How important has the play of your seniors been so far?

C: It’s important because we depend on our seniors. I need them to make plays every game. They are the nucleus. They are going to be relied on for the remainder of the season.

F: You told me earlier this season that you expected your team to gel around early January, has your team done that?

C: No, No, No. I thought we made a move (in the right direction) against B-CC Thursday. I’m not very sure we are where we need to be.

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