Bryant to bring much needed feminine touch

For years, women have been overlooked as equally qualified individuals when compared to men. Times have changed.

Newly appointed Interim President Castell Bryant has a lot to bring to Florida A&M University.

In accepting this position , she has made history. For those who do not already know, Bryant is FAMU’s first female leader in its more than 117-year existence.

Along with her historic gesture, she has brought to the table 27 years of leadership experience, including her six-year presidency at Miami Dade College’s North Campus, her interim position as chief executive officer at Florida Memorial College in Miami and her experience as a former FAMU trustee.

Bryant is more than qualified to initiate the reversal of the troubles that plague FAMU. Being an alumna and former member of the Florida Board of Governors, which oversees the state’s 11 public universities, has made Bryant a more favored leader in my book.

Bryant is more than a woman. She will bring to the University the much-needed resolution that the male leaders obviously struggled to do. Please don’t take this as a harsh comment fellas, but a female leader may just bring to FAMU what has been missing for so long.

Bryant’s resume proves it all. She has well over 20 years of administrative experience, knowledge of Florida’s higher-education system, experience managing financial aid processes and the various skills needed to build working relationships with the Board of Trustees and other state officials and university presidents. She has been a dean at the Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus and a business educator for Dade County public schools.

Financial issues, athletic decisions and moving the University forward are some of the issues that Bryant will have to focus on while serving as interim president.

Obviously, she cannot solve all of the problems that this University endures, but she sure can try. After reading interviews with Bryant, I definitely think that she has a lot in store for FAMU.

Who knows, she may have broken the barrier for females in all areas of the education system.

Bryant, I admire you for the history you have added to this beloved University.

Thank you.

Stephanie Gomez is a senior public relations student from Jacksonville. She is the Opinions Editor for The Famuan. Contact her at