T.I. makes transition from rapper to musician

When Jay-Z recently referred to T.I. as one of his favorite artists during a late-night interview with Carson Daly, one fact became strikingly clear: T.I. is at the top of his game.

The self- proclaimed “King of the South” has been mentioned in music circles as a budding star for the past few years. And with his latest project, T.I. takes one step toward claiming his kingdom.

“Urban Legend,” T.I.’s third album, is a masterful blend of nerve-teasing bass lines and drum beats mixed with a touch of social commentary sure to satisfy crunk and conscious minds alike.

The album, which has been highly anticipated since the release of his critically acclaimed second album, “Trap Muzik,” appeals to every emotion T.I.’s audience could experience.

With songs like “ASAP” and “You Don’t Know Me,” a rapidly paced track exposing haters worldwide, T.I. speaks to every urge within the scrawny freshman itching to leap from his seat and slap the dude eyeing him from across the room.

For the guy reading “The Revolution Will Not be Televised” and feasting on a serving of vegan Mac n Cheese, T.I. offers “Praying for Help.”

The song is a consciously fueled ode to the abused yet faithful people living in cities everywhere.

The melodic tone of “Chilling with My B****” (ignore the title, it’s not what you think) seems to float throughout and would be a wonderful start to any lazy Sunday drive with your girl.

This album is not wrought with meaningless lyrics masked by random yelling. It’s thoughtful, good music. Bottom line, if you breathe and like hip-hop, “Urban Legends” will be a pleasure through and through.

The thing that once separated Jay-Z from his contemporaries was his uncanny ability to speak to the masses, appealing to the emotions, thoughts, and impulses that drive us all.

With “Urban Legends,” T.I. moves away from being a rapper and can now call himself a musician. Nevertheless, if you still don’t buy it and need that last push to move you enough to pick up Urban Legend ask yourself one question. Do you really want to argue with Jay-Z?

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