Snoop Dogg dropped it, but it’s not that hot

Let’s all sit back and watch Snoop Dogg try to jump over the bar set by his latest album’s first single “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

That bar was set so high, the overall effort on the rest of “R&G: Rhythm & Gangsta” seems, at best, mediocre.

The over abundance of collaborations on this release seem to reveal an insecurity in Snoop’s faith to produce a hit on his own.

But then again that seems to be the latest trend in hip hop releases.

With this album Snoop attempts to validate his position as a pimp and educate those aspiring to get on his level.

Some of the singles, though most likely unintentional, are almost comedic in nature. In “Fresh Pair of Panties On,” Snoop repeatedly asks through vocalist J. Black whether his lady friend is wearing clean underwear. Always good to know. In “Can U Control Yo Hoe” the rapper advises aspiring pimps on how to handle their “hoes.” Also very valuable. And when it’s all over, Snoop educates you on how to let that chick go in “I’m Threw Witchu,” a collaboration with Soopafly.

Though “Rhythm & Gangsta” fails to measure up to the album’s first single, it will probably still be a hit simply because Snoop is one of few rappers who have managed to stay in touch with the streets while appealing to mainstream America.

Trick Daddy shows his versatility

Get in your Chevy, crank up the radio and get ready to cruise the streets of Miami. Trick Daddy is taking you on a journey through the streets, through the struggle and then inside his masterful mind, all while letting you know that thugs do love and even cry.

The Miami-based rapper’s latest release, “Thug Matrimony” shows the artist’s musical versatility ranging from the raunchy “T. O. D. D.” with Khia and Tampa Tony, to the uplifting “I Wanna Sang,” the old-school sounding “4 Eva” and the club bangers “Let’s Go” and “Down Wit Da South.”

Through collaborations with artists such as Ludacris, Cee-Lo, Jazze Pha and T.I., Trick presents an album destined to be a hit. The Southern flavor of this release echoes throughout just about every single linking the work with its target audience.

“Thug Matrimony” is by no means a lyrical masterpiece, but Trick isn’t known for his creative insight. He’s known for getting the club crunk, making people dance and giving listeners a peak into his life as a thug.