Dual party aims to be sexy, wild

“The Beautiful and the Damned,” is a creation birthed from a union of DigitalGuestList and Epicurean Fashion Experience. The event, scheduled for Saturday night at Floyd’s, is set to be an evening of debauchery, fantasy and fun, according to Joe Womack III, founder and editor in chief of DGL.

The first part of the evening, “the Beautiful,” is the two-hour block from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. set aside for modeling and the VIP treatment, including well drinks, open bar and food.

Those who attend the show will also get to enjoy the private lingerie show, which Womack guarantees to be H-O-T.

“There will be little clothing,” he said. “Like the models would say, ‘Think birthday suit.'”

The second part, “the Damned,” is all about the party and closing out the semester and the calendar year with a bang. Womack said the party will include craziness.

Think body shots.

“We’re going to have modeling during the party – impromptu modeling…it’s going to be crazy,” he said. “It’s a time to let loose, have fun. It’s the last time you can hang with your friends before the end of the semester. There’s no animosity. Any animosity you had before, it’s time to let that go.”

Womack, also known as Joey Digital, said the name of the event is a perfect fit for what both organizations want to convey about the evening.

“There is a certain duality…[the Beautiful] is playing off the models and their attractiveness. [The Damned] is reflective of the wilder side.”

Womack and Epicurean executive board member Derek Holmes both speak for their respective organizations when they said neither has truly explored the “wilder side” they are planning for Saturday.

Womack said DGL usually hosts free events, which tend to be smaller gatherings, a tad more upscale and appeal to the older crowd. But “The Beautiful and the Damned” will be “a free-for-all.”

Holmes, a senior from Atlanta, said the troupe is hosting the events in lieu of having their annual fall show.

“This is a preview to next semester. We want to show everyone that us not having a show doesn’t mean we’re gone,” said the 22-year-old public management student.

DGL and Epicurean collaborated because of Womack’s working relationship with Holmes, who also works with DGL. Both entities were planning separate events for the semester’s end, but Holmes thought the two should join forces.

In addition to DGL and Epicurean, a third host was recently added to the bill.

The Usual Suspects, a group of students and friends who promote, market and advertise events, leant a hand to the effort after news broke the event was in danger of cancellation.

Jeremy Woodard, a member of Usual Suspects, said the groups lost their original venue (The Plaza, which closed Monday, five days ahead of schedule).

When the Usual Suspects heard the news, they wanted to do whatever they could to help, as they have formed relationships with DGL and Epicurean.

“We wanted to help the find a new venue,” said Woodard, 20, a fourth-year business administration student from Arlington, Texas. “We wanted to come and help a friend.”

The Suspects did indeed help with the search for the new location-according to Woodard, they have relationships with various local club owners as well.

With the new venue firmly in place, the three groups agree they are ready to party. Holmes tells those who plan on attending to be prepared for surprises, as the groups will “bring you Spring Break in December.”

He also offered an incentive for people to spend the money for a ticket.

“Part of the proceeds will go to a pharmacy student who wants to work with diabetes. Another (portion) of the proceeds will go to the college of pharmacy,” Holmes said. He explained that diabetes awareness is the organization’s new initiative because “it is a problem in the African-American community.”

But if that is not enough incentive, Womack and Woodard offered just one more: “It’s the last damn party of the year.” Womack added, “It’s a welcome relief before finals. And we’ve added the Usual Suspects…expect craziness.”

Woodard said the Suspects will “add another dimension to the dynamic entities that are already hosting the event.”

Tickets for “the Beautiful” are $10 and can be purchased from any Epicurean model.

The ticket will also give patrons access to the after-party and they will receive a free DGL Titanium Card.

For those who do not attend the show, “the Damned” begins at 10 p.m. and they can pay at the door.

Need more incentive to attend?

“Get on ‘The List,'” Woodard said.

“The List” is the guest list found at www.epicureanmodels.com at the events link. Patrons who have signed the list will be provided entry at a reduced cost.

If you go, Womack asked that you purchase tickets as soon as possible…the hosts expect 1,500 to attend.

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