Restaurant culture alive in Tallahassee

Although Tallahassee is a small city, there are still some good, if not great, places to eat. With a little effort, you can find somewhere to eat that not only serves generous portions of delicious food, but also is inexpensive. Here are some of the places we like. Feel free to add your own favorite restaurants to the list.

Mr. T’s Barbeque, located at 1401 Lake Bradford Rd., may not offer indoor seating, but the portions they give you more than make up for it. For about $8, you can buy one dinner, feed two people and still have leftovers. And make sure to save room for the pound cake.

Olean’s Cafe, located at 1605 S. Adams St., is a campus favorite and rightly so. Before heading to your eight o’clock class in the morning, go enjoy grits, eggs, toast and either bacon or sausage for $1.99. If you aren’t a morning person, their lunch menu will not disappoint you. On any given day, except Sunday, you can purchase southern-fried chicken, pork chops, fish, macaroni and cheese and collard greens, just to name a few, for about $6. And the peach cobbler is arguably the best in Tallahassee.

For authentic Cuban food, try Gordo’s, located at 1907 W. Pensacola St. For someone who wants to try Cuban food but doesn’t know what to expect, try the El Gordo, a pressed Cuban sandwich or the media noche, a Cuban on sweet bread. Make sure to get a side of black beans and rice and some key lime pie for dessert, all for under $10. You could even take your significant other here for an inexpensive date.

For fans of Guthrie’s of Tallahassee, try Chubby’s Chicken Fingers, located at 534 W. Tennessee St. Chubby’s offers more than just chicken fingers, unlike its competitor down the street. You can get chicken salads, wraps and chops. They also offer more than one flavored sauce. If you are looking for some variety for your chicken, then Chubby’s is the right place to go.

For students who have exotic tastes Kosta’s Subs N Salads, with two locations in Tallahassee, has you covered. If you live on the Southside or need a quick place to eat between classes, then try the Adams Street location. If you live near Florida State, then try the Pensacola Street location. This location also stays open longer than the one on Adams Street. Kosta’s has a variety of menu items including filling gyros, tasty flatbread sandwiches, seasoned fries and Greek salads. And don’t forget to ask about student specials.

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