Freshmen, sophomores ball for a cause

In an effort to expand Florida A&M University’s service to the community, the sophomore class hosted the Sophomore vs. Freshman Basketball Game Wednesday in Gaither Gymnasium.

Students and all other spectators were able to enter the game free with two canned goods.

All of the canned goods that were collected are to benefit Florida families devastated during the past hurricane season.

In all, the sophomore class was able to donate over 1,000 canned goods to the Florida Hurricane Relief Fund.

Donations were also taken to benefit Relay for Life and the Justin Applewhite Memorial Scholarship Fund.

“It’s great that just one canned good from your room can help you to make a difference in your community”, Sophomore Class President Phillip Agnew said.

The event marks the beginning of the Sophomore Class’ plan to spark a greater contribution from the FAMU student body to the surrounding Tallahassee area.

Arrangements have been made for similar benefits in support of the community during the Christmas holiday and Spring semester.

“We’re trying to do things big in the community,” Agnew said.

The event not only allowed students the opportunity to enjoy the game and benefit the community, but it also served as a calculated attempt to unite the freshman and sophomore class.

“The game was very competitive and it was good to see the Sophomore and Freshman Class come together,” Sophomore Class Attorney General Amir Tonsul said.

Officials from the Freshman Class presented Student Senate President Ramon Alexander with a plaque commemorating the work of the 34th Student Senate.

“I’m very proud of the leadership of the Sophomore and Freshman Class. They are setting a standard of excellence for the classes to come,” Alexander said.

The basketball game is the first major event that featured a clear partnership between Freshman and Sophomore leaders.

Agnew said that the two classes hope to continue to work with each other to benefit the student body.

“The game was a time to show we’re a united front, and by working together we can be very successful,” Agnew said.

Monetary donations were made by both the Freshman and Sophomore Class toward the affiliated charities.

Presentations of donations were also made by members of Delta Sigma Theta and Alpha Kappa Alpha.

Recording artist Tampa Tony stood at center-court during halftime and donated a hundred dollars on behalf of his record label.

“Hey, it’s something, right?”, Tampa Tony said.

Excitement was high as dance troupes House Arrest 2 and Fly Girls entertained during the intermission.

Perhaps the most anticipated portion of the event was the dunk contest.

The event left students in awe at last year’s Gibbs versus Paddyfoote Game.

Alexander and members of the Beta Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. served as judges.

After two rounds of high-flying dunk attempts, first place was award to Sophomore Team member Randy Bell.

In all, the mood of the event seemed overwhelmingly positive, with students making a collective effort to benefit the Big Bend Area.

“With an event like this, the students get to come have a good time and contribute to the greater good,” Sophomore Class Vice President William Miller said.

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