Sophomore class starts scholarship

The current Sophomore Class Cabinet will honor the memory of one their fallen members, Justin Applewhite, with a scholarship in his name.

Applewhite, who died in a car crash earlier this year, would have served as the secretary of facilities for the sophomore class.

Jennifer Lanier, the fund-raising chairwoman for the class, and Chyealla Savage, secretary of class records, said they decided to honor their classmate and friend with the scholarship in his honor. Applewhite was said by his classmates to be someone who was appreciative and inviting.

“He was the kind of person you wanted to be around,” said Savage, who was Applewhite’s girlfriend.

Since his death, the Sophomore Cabinet has been working towards the book scholarship that will be awarded to a member of Justin’s class every year until the class graduates.

After the current sophomore class graduates, Alvis Applewhite, Justin’s mother, will take over the scholarship and award it to any sophomore Florida A&M University student.

Savage said there is still development with what Alvis Applewhite will do to award students, but there has been talk of flying the awarded student or students to Justin’s native city of Memphis, Tenn. for an award banquet.

Requirements for the scholarship are that the student be a current sophomore, have a minimum G.P.A of 2.5, have financial need, and complete an essay pertaining to a passion for education.

James Lattiemore, 22, a junior Graphic Communications student, said even though he did not know Justin, “it is a good idea to honor his classmates with a well-needed scholarship in his name.”

Savage said Justin was the type of person that had a lot of school spirit. She thought giving a book scholarship in Justin’s name was a good idea because she saw the struggle that he had to go through when getting books for school. Because this is the first time the Sophomore Cabinet is developing this scholarship, there are a lot of fund-raisers that are still in the works towards getting money to the awarded student or students. Savage said a fund-raiser with Boyz of Poison and the Strike Team will be in the near future to help raise more money towards this year’s scholarship.

Students who will be awarded with the book scholarship will be notified before finals, and they will be given the scholarship money before the Spring semester begins. Savage said the amount of the scholarship will be $500 or more, depending on the amount of money that is raised from the next fund-raiser.

The Justin Applewhite scholarship deadline is today. Applications can be picked up and turned in at the Office of Student Activities.