It is sad but true. Florida cheated its citizens again and took its 26 electoral votes for our Commander and Thief, G. W. Bush again in Election 2004. Go Jeb-Rove-CATO-Republican Party!!! (Greg Palast, Kerry Won. Here are the facts, www.gregpalast.com, TomPaine.com)Palm Beach County Logs 88,000 More Votes than were list as officially registered Voters all parties combined. In addition, more than 79% of these excess votes were for the Republican candidates!!! (http://www.washingtondispatch.com/spectrum/archives/000)According to the official election results, 532,835 ballots were cast for a presidential candidate while only 454,427 voters turned out for the election, which includes the absentee (posted on the Palm Beach County election website). This leaves a discrepancy of 88,408 excess votes cast for the presidential candidates. In addition, these excess votes are in the main counties.In an example, simply put and in common sense terms; This a County has officially registered four Democrats and four Republicans (equal a total of eight all total), and on voting day using the DiaBold-E-Machines, four democrats signed in to vote and four Republicans signed in at the desk to vote. But the E-Machines total voting showed a total of ten. The Republicans won the county by two votes. And the E-Machines showed that making a total showing on the counter ten votes (a total of two excess/over votes), there must be a problem in the recording of votes. And if several machines showed the same miss recording of votes there must be a glitch in the E-Machines. (See attached graph # 1 Total Votes) Further if this problem is seen statewide these is either a conspiracy or deliberate vote tempering. This is less easily seen when these excess votes are spread across many hundreds of E-Machines located in many polling stations. This is what the records of the final counts in the E-Machines are showing in some counties in Florida. Many other acts of mischief are being found throughout Florida. Some counties registering a 400% increase in expected voter turnout among Republicans while Democrats showed a -60% decline. The 50+ counties that experienced the highest percentage if differences in expected turnout used optical scan voting machines on. We must note here that because of the fact that, 1. E-Machines only provided total votes and 2. There are so many records in many counties, polling stations, and prescients it takes a major commitment of time to put these figures together. In addition, many County Supervisors’ of Elections are not really cooperative in providing information. Now a look at the other optical scan counties show again and again and again, the expected results there based upon party registration were off more than can be accounted for by average nation wide figures (about 3%). In fact they were not even close. Further, these “over-votes were always in favor of the Republican candidate.For example, in Liberty County, the registered voters there are fully 88.3% Democrats versus a mere 7.9% Republican. However the results reported there indicate that fully 65% of the votes cast for President went to Bush. In Duval County we find similar schemes for a lot of voter suppression. So it certainly deserves some scrutiny. Add to that the fact that County Supervisor for Elections resigned suddenly stating that it was for health reasons just prior to the 2004 elections. Duval County is considered to be Republican country, however the voter registration numbers do not bear that out. Here are the numbers for 2000 and 2004. In heavily populated Duval County Democrats outnumber Florida Republicans on the voter rolls by a good 7% and yet Bush won there by over 60,000 votes, winning the actual vote count by around 60/40. In Baker County there are only about 3200 voters registered as Republicans in the whole county, yet on Election Day Bush garnered over 7700 votes there.

Republican: 2000 Registered….152,008…36% — 2004 Registered….190,111…41%

2000 Votes…152,098…58% — 2004 Votes…219,251…45% In 200 98 more votes than registered, as compared to in 2004 29,140 more votes than registered.

Democrat: 2000 Regs…. 211,762…50%2004; Regs….238,264…46% 2000 Vote…. 107,864…41%…Only 51% of Reg; Dem count. 2004 Vote….158,121…42%…66% of Reg Dem count.

Even after considering that are crossover voters, and the total turnout for Duval was 74% of registered voters. Republicans get 115% of their registration, while Democrats get 66%. Doesn’t seem logical to common sense and simple reasoning. But someone with a little more political statistics savvy should take a look.Remarkly, Highlands County showed 7,495 more votes than turnout. Collier County had 943 more votes than turnout. Miami-Dade had 51,979 more votes than turnout. Palm Beach had 90,774 more votes than turnout. Osceola had 18,589 more votes than turnout. Volusia had 19,306 more votes than turnoutEven in Calhoun county, just as one example, which 11.9% registered Republicans and 82.4% registered Democrats, voted in favor of Bush 3,780 to Kerry’s 2,116. (http://ustogether.org/Florida_Election.htm )

Please be reminded that those counties, which used touch-screen and optical scan, are intermingled all over the state. Some counties reported results more or less as expected and others posted results that are simply eye popping for Bush and the only difference in them is the method of voting (and thus counting) used. This is a short but accurate study. However, these results are just impossible to rationalize by any means. Anyone who has taken a basic statistics course will recognize right away upon viewing this that it cannot possibly be a true representation of what really happened behind the schemes. Moreover, this data alone provides a prima Face case for Fraud in The Florida election 2004. Some Law School or organization must take this challenge for the sake of America’s citizen. Use people as myself as Plantiffs of record and start this suit before the record purge sets in.

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