Student develops production company

One Florida A&M University student is working to bring something new to the entertainment industry.

Robert J. Mayberry IV and his full service production company, Shyve Entertainment Group, is progressively carving a niche for itself as a major multimedia operation working out of Tallahassee.

In a profit-driven industry where negative stereotypes of blacks are still prevalent in the media, Shyve Entertainment Group gives young independent artists an opportunity to get a foot in the door.

In just a short matter of time, the entertainment company has managed to acquire a fairly large clientele in the Tallahassee area and beyond.

“What makes us different is our accessibility,” said Mayberry, 21, a fourth-year business administration student from Houston. “I think that from a personalized media standpoint our company gives an independent artist the ability to shoot a music video, and have the confidence that their project will be played on a professional network when it is completed.”

Founded earlier this year, Shyve Entertainment Group has been active in taking on and completing a number of projects in a relatively short amount of time.

The company has been able to execute a short-term growth strategy that Mayberry hopes will lead to a long lasting future for the company.

They have also filmed two music videos, taped three commercials as well as the television show “Black on Black Rhyme.”

Keith Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer of Black on Black Rhyme, entered into a business relationship with Mayberry six months ago.

Rodgers said that ever since he started working with Mayberry, he has been highly impressed with his commitment to hard work that he’s dedicated to both making a profit as well as putting together a quality product.

“Somebody who is all about the money wouldn’t do all the things that he does,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers said his company has been looking to release copies of “Black on Black Rhyme” on DVD for almost three years, but has never been able to obtain the funding to support such a move.

With the help of Shyve Entertainment he believes that goal could turn into fruition in the near future.

“The thing that I respect about him the most, is (Mayberry) understands that in business it’s not just about making money, you gotta have a love for what you’re working for. He has that, ” Rodgers said.

Mayberry got involved in the entertainment industry during an internship with Markstarr Media during his third year in the School of Business and Industry.

Jeff Huff, President of MarkStarr Media, remembers Mayberry as an eager learner who had a strong work ethic.

He said he believes Mayberry has a bright future ahead of him.

“As long as he maintains his work ethic and fortitude he can do whatever he wants,” Huff said.

Mayberry credits his ambition and work ethic to lessons he learned as a child from his grandfather, Robert J. Mayberry Jr.

It was from his grandfather that he learned the value of humility and how important it is to remember where you came from and how you got started.

“He was just a really great leader and family man,” Mayberry said. “Just the way he lived his life was so integrity driven. He taught me a lot about how to treat people and life.”

Mayberry has high hopes for the future of his company.

Within the next ten years he hopes to have the ability to produce more than 40 films a year, at least two syndicated television programs and to be a force in the world of multimedia.

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