University’s staff starts some problems

Hours of waiting in lines, unsympathetic personnel, unequipped office staff to handle the volume of foot traffic, uninformed staff members in positions of aid to students…these are all problems that are pretty standard at FAMU.

Why is this the case?

People employed at this school act as if this is not a symbiotic relationship. Without students, there would be no school. We are here to get a product here, a degree with our names in fancy lettering.

In exchange for this piece of paper, the University requires our time for studying and our money-whether it is mom’s, dad’s, financial aid or a combination of the three.

Where is the customer service in this system?

Understandably, the staff members of the University may feel overworked and underpaid, but this is not the problem of the student. Students do no hiring, firing or awarding of monetary funds. Regardless of their personal-personnel situation, they have committed to do a job and all employees should adopt decorum of professionalism and efficiency.

For example, when the Registrar’s Office is full of students, that is not a good time to visit with a friend or look at their baby. Or if you have had a few rough encounters with students, do not take it out on the other people that have been patiently waiting and deserve a fresh opportunity to receive services.

Let’s face it, work sucks but it is necessary.

The vast majority of people would prefer not to work but everyone wants or needs money to survive in this world. With the job market in the condition we currently find it, I think those with jobs should be happy they have jobs and try to do their best in order to keep their jobs.

I am in no way advocating the firing of everyone at this school but the people who consistently neglect their obligations to students should be admonished for their lack of courtesy.

This includes answering the phones during times known for an increase in the volume of calls to departments, and employees should be responsible for themselves by taking only an hour for lunch.

There are many issues irritating students. Compassion and empathy should be qualities the administration should look for in applicants. By being polite and at least sympathetic to the plight of the student whether the student is polite will make a world of difference on our campus.

We need these people to assist us and it is only fair that they feel they need us for employment. With enrollment in steady decline and tuition on a yearly rise the least they could give us to cope with is courtesy.

Mark Carter is a senior philosophy student from Tallahassee. Contact him at