Fraternity plans to resurface with week

In an effort to reintroduce itself to the students of Florida A&M University the Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. will host its Alpha Week 2004 throughout the week.

Not having a similar event for the past few years, Alpha Week will serve as an opportunity for the fraternity to present itself to new students, as well as those looking for a fresh view into Greek organizations.

“This event will allow the campus to see Beta Nu in a whole new light,” said Beta Nu Treasurer Jason Hurst.

With a wide variety of events planned during the week including a students’ rights seminar on Wednesday and a cosmopolitan party on Friday, Alpha Phi Alpha plans to generate interest for a new segment of FAMU students.

Members of the fraternity said the group hopes to spark a surge of excitement in Greek life for the student body with a “renaissance” to highlight the fraternity’s past and present achievements while showcasing future plans.

Many of the social happenings at FAMU are fueled by Greek organizations and a buzz about the new plans for Beta Nu has already begun to grow.

Hurst, a senior business administration student from Chicago, said Alpha Week 2004 is aimed at uplifting students who may be uninterested in the current FAMU Greek life.

“We want to bring a fresh new presence to the campus,” Hurst said.

With Alpha Week 2004 being the first event of its kind in three years on FAMU’s campus, the fraternity is looking to reconnect with the male student body and re-establish a collection of positive and motivated men on campus.

“We want to present a group of males focused on enriching the lives of black men,” said Beta Nu University Service Chairman Tony Pearson.

Despite the number of Beta Nu members with leadership positions around campus, the fraternity acknowledges that its collective efforts have not been completely presented in the past few years.

Beta Nu wants to continue its standard of informative and uplifting activities for the benefit of the student body.

Pearson, a 22-year-old biology student from Palm Coast, said that with Alpha Week 2004 and similar future events, the chapter would be able to heighten the number of quality services available at FAMU.

Kenjay Williams, assistant area director for the chapter, said because the student body and physical makeup of the campus are always changing, it is important for the fraternity to continue its process of promoting service and higher achievement.

Alpha Week 2004 has been in the making for some time, and it has been said the anticipation for such an event has spread throughout many campus circles.

With many students waiting to see what the fraternity has in store for the week and the year, Alpha Week 2004 will give students a chance to learn of past chapter accomplishments, while moving into a “renaissance” of achievement and service.

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