Expressing themselves through ink

Almost forty of FHM Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful Women in 2002 were reported to have tattoos. This year that number has increased and just three of the top ten Sexiest Women in the World say they don’t have tattoos.

Tattoos on women have become an increasing trend; they have gone from being a symbol of rebellion for some to a mark of sexuality for others. But their attractiveness still seems to depend on the type and location of the artwork, and of course the opinion of the viewer.

“The ones on the lower back look nice, but the big ones on the leg are unattractive,” said Tyler Cheathan, an 18-year-old engineering student from Palm Beach.

People may find tattoos appealing in different ways.

“Small tattoos are cute, but when you start looking like a dude that’s not cute,” said Geremy Cheeks, a sophomore business administration student from Houston.

Other students gave their feelings on what tattoos are attractive.

“It depends where they are on the arm. On the arm, it looks tacky, especially Monica’s tattoo; its too manly, you want a small tattoo that’s cute, not some big tattoo,” said Tierra Adams, a 19-year-old freshman general studies student from Wichita, Kan.

Some people believe that tattoos don’t belong on women.

“No I think it’s more of a male thing. I think girls should be pure; no piercings, no perm, that’s how I was raised,” said Junia Saintil, a 22-year-old healthcare management student from Pompano Beach.

Others feel tattoos are attractive on females because it tells something about the person through the artwork.

“I feel tattoos are a self-representation of what you believe in. Characters like Pooh and Tiger are not attractive because they don’t mean anything,” said Danielle Mike, 19, a freshman general studies student from Fort Lauderdale.

The general opinion from students is that women get tattoos in specific places to follow trends and for sex appeal.

“I think they think its sexy and other ones do it just to fit in. Most girls that turn 18 get it, it’s just a big trend,” Cheathan said.

Other followers of tattoo artwork had similar views.

“It’s starting to go on the arms rather than thighs, I can attribute that to pop culture and videos, things of that nature,” said Eric Taylor, who is a tattoo artist at Euphoria Tattoos on Gaines Street. Females have definitely gotten tattoos in certain places to attract the opposite sex, but it hasn’t always been successful.

“Girls have gotten tattoos in obvious places to attract people,” Taylor said.

Men admit that an unattractive tattoo on a female will not stop them from dating her.

“Yes, it was just an immature move she made in the past. I would tell her it looks bad,” Taylor said.

Another student gave her opinion.

” Yes, a tattoo doesn’t matter, and that’s not what is important,” Mike said. “If it’s in the right spot and it looks good, that’s a major plus.”

Some people believe if you have tattoos they should be seen.

” I would get a tattoo to be seen what’s the point of getting it if nobody can see it but you,” Saintil said.

People have different reasons for tattoos and some people don’t want their tattoos to be seen.

“Some (students) from he school of business don’t want (their tattoos) to be seen,” Taylor said. “I had girls tell me their getting (tattoos) in more obvious places because they want people to notice and get responses. You deal with both spectrums from want to be seen to not be seen.”

Whether women choose to get tattoos to be attractive or for other reasons is still up for debate.

There have been some bold attempts by some females according to Taylor.

The culture of tattoos seems to be more for a sexy look, but some people feel differently.

“Americans get tattoos to celebrate events in their lives,” said Adam West, owner of Capital City Tattoo’z.

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