Bush must separate morals from religion

As the reality of Election 2004 sets in, I’m finding it harder and harder to fathom how anyone could have actually voted for President George W. Bush.

What’s news to me is that many black people who have been all but ignored by Bush over the past four years voted for him because of his moral standings on issues like gay marriage and abortion.

I grew up in a Christian church so I have a firm understanding of what Christian beliefs are and what moral beliefs are. However, more often than not, people confuse the two, especially politicians. This is due largely to the fact that most people do not truly understand Christianity as it applies to everyday life.

According to Webster’s dictionary, a Christian has the qualities demonstrated and taught by Jesus Christ – such as love, kindness and humility.

But if we are truly living our lives as Christians, then we would understand that Christians have no place in politics. Being a congressman, a judge or even president requires that we decide someone’s fate.

The study of Christ clearly disagrees with that.

Christians are not supposed to pass judgment on others. Although we are instructed to spread the teachings of Christ, we cannot force others to believe what we believe.

If we were truly practicing Christianity, then we would understand that the war in Iraq goes against the teachings of Christ. Think back to “The Passion of the Christ.” Although it is a fictional portrayal of the life and death of Jesus, it cannot be disputed that Jesus suffered greatly in his last days on Earth.

But he never lashed out in violence. Christianity tells us that vengeance belongs to God.

So how is our president able to validate his war and still claim to be a Christian? Tell me because that is not for me to decide, being that I’m a Christian and all. I know God is the final judge.

But I will question the president’s morals because there is a difference between morality and Christianity.

Morality is defined as the character of being in accord with the principles or standards of right conduct.

So what will Bush’s morals do to assist you in getting a job after graduation when unemployment is steadily rising in the black community?

What will Bush’s morals do for you when you need medical care but don’t have health insurance?

What will Bush’s morals do for your grandparents when they cannot afford their prescription drugs?

What will Bush’s morals do for the mounting price tag of the war in Iraq?

What will Bush’s morals do to prevent other terrorist attacks on our soil?

What will Bush’s morals do for you when you’re at the gas station and it costs $22 to fill the gas tank of your compact car?

As a Christian, I am glad to know that Bush is a believer. But as an American, his religious beliefs will not sustain me or support me. However his re-election has done one thing for me-it has improved my prayer life.

Alexia R. Robinson is a senior magazine production student from Jacksonville. She is the copy desk chief for The Famuan. Contact her at copyeditors@hotmail.com

Only God can get me through another four years of the Bush administration.