Mukes sets goals for graphic division

Appointed just over a month ago as the associate dean of graphic communication, Arvid Mukes said he has high goals set for the division to make it a success under his reign.

“I have been involved with teaching graphic arts, now graphic communications, since the fall of 1986.”

“I plan (an) increase in more internships for all students of SJGC and more recruitment for jobs after college,” Mukes said.

James Hawkins, dean of the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, appointed Mukes to his new position September.

Mukes, who will continue to serve as director of graphic communication, will fulfill administrative matters that affect the school.

Hawkins said he was looking for some one that would have minor problems adjusting.

“We were looking to have someone who understands and is familiar with the issues facing the school,” Hawkins explained.

“Dr. Mukes has a depth of administrative skills that will facilitate our moving forward. He will assist in the development of new programs and he will help shape development strategies.”

One of the first responsibilities for Mukes will be the production of a new student handbook for the school.Under his watch as director of graphic communication, the division received its first accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications Inc. in 2001.

Mukes said he is submitting the application for re-accreditation in about three years, Hawkins said.

Mukes said he has taken responsibility to set manageable goals.

“I will assist faculty in curriculum commitment of molding the school. Then I want to start a fund for equipment and resource material for the new building,” Mukes said.

Mukes developed a workshop 20 years prior to coming to FAMU at Mississippi Valley State University, where he was head of the department of industrial technology.

Mukes said he plans to continue at FAMU and improve the retention in rates of graduation.

Mukes, however, will no longer teach. Many students say they will miss having class with him.

“He always goes the extra mile for each student. I see him as a father; he is helpful and so down to earth,” said Joshua Montgomery, a senior graphic communication student from Fort Lauderdale. “He will stay late and makes himself available for meetings.”

Ryan Brown, a senior graphic communication student agrees.

“He is a motivator to me, he is respectful of each individual,” Brown said.

“He has an open-door policy where if he is unable to help you, he will find some one who can.”

Mukes said he plans to work with students and faculty to make FAMU’s SJGC world-renowned.

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