The election and the Democratic Party’s future

Dear Editor: I applaud the energy and passion of the Democrats but I humbly submit that they are misguided in their politics. The last several elections have proven that, as a national party, the Democrats are continuing along a path of self-destruction. The people have spoken. The tide of history is clear. Now is the time for contemplation and reflection. I hope and pray that Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and others of the American Left will accept our President’s invitation to dialogue, build bridges and to find common ground with the majority citizenry of this country. I recognize that this effort must take place on a two-way street. As a nation, as a people, we have the power to argue and fight, or we can lower our voices and engage in debate and reason. We are all Americans, we are all blessed to be Americans! Instead of red states, and blue states, let’s become red-white-and-blue states. David


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