Students share voting experiences

As the 2000 presidential election remains fresh in the minds of voters, many college students voted for the first time in Leon County Tuesday.

They all voted on the same day, but each have their own story to tell.

Crystal Bradley, who voted at the precinct located in the Grand Ballroom, enjoyed her voting experience, but feels the precinct workers could have assisted her better.

“I don’t think that the precinct workers were that helpful,” said Bradley, 19, a sophomore broadcast journalism student from Summerville, S.C.

“They should have told students that there was another precinct inside the Grand Ballroom.”

Bradley was referring to how there were two precincts set up in the Grand Ballroom area; there was one inside of the Grand Ballroom, which was for students who live nearby, but off campus. The other precinct, designated for students who live on campus, was located in the lobby outside of the ballroom.

“The precinct supervisors should have told me that there were two precincts and should have informed me which one I was supposed to vote at,” said Bradley, who went with her roommate to vote at 7:45 a.m. Tuesday. “My mother told me to put my guard up. There especially for it being the last day to vote.”

Other students did not have any problems voting.

Richard Watson was surprised when he was allowed to vote Tuesday. Before Election Day, Watson never received all the information he needed to vote.

“Initially, I didn’t think that I was going to be able to vote because I didn’t get my voter’s registration card,” said Watson, 19, a sophomore business administration student from Los Angeles. “I voted in the Grand Ballroom, and the people there were nice and handled my particular situation very professional.”

Patrick Smith, another first-time voter, enjoyed his voting experience and looks forward to future elections.

“I was able to grab my ballot and go directly to the ballot booth,” said Smith, who voted at his precinct on Old Bainbridge Road.

Unlike Bradley, who was given the runaround at her precinct, Smith was able to vote quickly and did not have any problems.

“The workers at my precinct were very helpful,” said Smith, a junior political science student. “They gave me my ballot and sent me on my way.”

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