Nation must support leader

Another election night had the American public biting nails as they repeatedly heard newscasters say, “It is too close to call.” As evidenced by the incoming poll results, voters were obviously stumped on the issue of who can best lead the country for the next four years.

The country is obviously polarized. Scores upon scores of voters turned out to cast their ballots. But not even the massive voter registration drives and “Get Out the Vote” campaign initiatives were able to sway constituents one particular way as a collective. The nation still had trouble deciding who would be the next president to occupy the White House.

With both major parties having strong ideas about how to restore the national landscape’s health, the potential for chaos is great with one party controlling the Oval Office.

We must come together and focus on the issues the country faces and strive to make America better. As a nation, we must be prepared to put aside the divisiveness and bitterness that marred this election.

By seeking to further the cause of compromise rather than a legacy of heated battle, progress can be made by the leader of the world’s greatest nation.

We must show a strong front to the world during these tumultuous times. We cannot expect foreign countries to recognize our true potential if we cannot put aside petty differences and bullheaded personal views to support our elected leaders.

A united front does not equate to silencing political disagreements but rather knowing when to put them away for the greater good. We must come together and support our leaders despite any personal reservations because that is the nature of democracy.