It’s A Beautiful Thing

Today is November 2nd and I must say it is truly a beautiful thing to see so many people at the polls today. Being a volunteer in my first Presidential Election, I was able to experience first hand the union of a broken community. You could see the determination of all the previous voters who felt they were victims of 2000’s fiascos and the new found appreciation from first time voters. I hope that the voting doesn’t stop here though. I urge everyone to keep this new found political flame lit for all the years in between Presidential Voting. Take a stand to know what goes on in your community and vote on issues that will affect you all year long. It’s great to see all the hype that goes along with election 2004 but don’t let it just be a hype. And I can say with confidence from the voter turn out thus far today that we, as students, as a college body, as a people, have really made a great statement today. Whether you did it out of the love of politics, for the extra credit, to be apart of the crowd or to make a stand all on your own….. just know you did it. And that my dear friend is all that truly matters.

Anna Taylor1st year freshmenEnglish Major305-725-7219