Men speak on their definition of beauty

Each year, untold millions are spent in the cosmetics industry to help women create a more attractive look.

Some women obsessively seek the latest cream, pill or surgery to nip this, tuck that, and hide those unsightly things that bring down their confidence levels.

For centuries, many women have gone to great lengths to gain attention from that certain someone.

Whalebone corsets broke the ribs of many European women of the Renaissance age aching to achieve a tiny waist.

Young Asian girls used to have their feet broken and stuffed into miniature shoes because having small feet attracted Asian men.

It seems no price is too much to pay and no pain too great to bear.

However, throughout the generations and amid all the fuss one question persists: Do men prefer the natural or made-up look on a woman?

To begin, a definition of the natural is crucial to the discussion.

Anthony Ware, a junior pharmacy student from Temple Hills, Md., explained that a natural woman is “just someone who’s comfortable without makeup and doesn’t feel they need makeup to be presentable throughout the day.”

Similarly, Sheldon Clark, a junior architecture student from Charlotte, N.C., said, “Natural girls wear their hair naturally however it is, and wear little or no makeup except for on special occasions when they have to go out.”

Some men say they prefer a natural woman because they want to be attracted to a woman for what she truly looks like.

Kerby J. Alditor, a third-year business administration student at the University of Florida, said he would like to be able to recognize the sexy chick he met at the club when he sees her on campus Monday morning.

“I prefer a natural woman because I know what I’m getting. I can’t recognize the made-up girls from day to day,” Alditor said.

Clark agreed.

“I feel that beauty is beauty, but I can appreciate it when someone doesn’t have to do much to get there,” Clark said.

Gregg Bishop, a senior business administration student from Brooklyn, N.Y., prefers “natural because there are no surprises.”

“(With made-up girls) once that makeup comes off, God help you!”

It seems as though the men at Florida A&M University are in favor of the natural-looking woman, who Travis Williams, a fourth-year business administration student from Ft. Lauderdale, defined as having the neo-soul vibe.

Britt Leach, a senior business administration student said, “Some people can pull off the natural look; some people look better made up.

“It’s all in your attitude,” Leach said. “If you feel you have to be made up all the time, maybe there’s something you’re trying to hide.”

While it appears some men at FAMU prefer a woman with a natural look, others may be left wondering why some women still spend small fortunes on larger-than-life breasts and risk baldness for that mile-high weave style that doesn’t move.

Williams said the majority of the women he’s dated have had the made-up look.

“One thing I’ve noticed (with made-up girls) is the whole issue with taking them out,” he said.

“They want to know what time, and they want you to give them extra time to get ready.”

Even though Williams said he dates made-up girls, he said that’s not necessarily his first choice.

“I truly don’t have a preference, but the flashy, made-up girls are more materialistic,” he said.

“A woman that’s more down to earth and centered is usually a better fit for me.”

Although some men seem to prefer the natural look, that does not mean they want a woman who does not look presentable.

“True beauty is found in the natural look, but sometimes you need to accentuate the positive physical features,” Bishop said.

Ervin Johnson, a fourth- year engineering student at the University of Florida, agreed and added that there’s a difference between taking the time to look nice and trying too hard to appear to be someone else.

Some men agree that having a natural look takes more than just looking the part.

“It says something about the girl’s confidence when she’s able to present herself attractively without makeup,” Ware said.

Leach agreed, adding that attitude also plays a role in the natural versus made-up look debate.

So whether it comes from within, as Ware likes it, or is applied early every morning, as Williams and Clark have repeatedly chosen in the past, the consensus seems to be that confidence is essential to desirability and attractiveness.

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