University’s parking services need resolve

The fall semester is almost over and parking services at the University is still one of the most faculty departments on campus. Students and faculty both deal with constant citations and American Eagle tow truck drivers.

Why are the parking services so incompetent?

I took it upon myself to question parking services’ authority about towing and parking citations. I did not get any straight answers. All I got was, “I’m not sure,” “Come back tomorrow” and “You’ll have to see my manager.”

Last week at the SGA barbeque, I witnessed several parking services employees interrupt their work to grab a plate of food. They joked about how good it feels to write up tickets. They really get a thrill out of unjustly writing citations for students who have made every effort to park legally, and don’t know they are parking illegally because there are no signs posted.

If we can’t get answers, then how can problems be solved?

Several parking lots on campus do not even have signs posted to inform students, faculty or visitors where they can park, and not get towed. All you see are signs that direct you to the parking services on the corner of Wahnish Way and Gamble Street.

Why go there when you will only come out infuriated?

FAMU’s administration needs to address the problems in every department. While trying to oust Ganious, the Board of Trustees needs to oust the directors of the campus departments that fail to provide the students, FAMU’s primary public, with adequate information and customer service.

Students are not the only individuals who experience problems with parking services. The staff struggles with the parking crisis everyday. They cannot find parking spaces because students have taken them. However, it’s not the students’ fault that FAMU lacks efficient parking. The faculty has faced citations, tow slips and rude wrecker drivers.

This should not be a problem on campus. First, it was the ridiculous financial aid services. Then it was the casting out of our dear President Ganious. Now, it’s the aggravating parking services personnel and their attitudes.

This problem has affected so many people here that my professor and a student came up with a proposal for parking services to create a parking lot in an empty area on campus. He shouldn’t have had to do this. Someone in parking services should make the proposals to the Ganious administration or whomever is really in charge.

Parking services has become a problem that could and should have been prevented. The administrative authorities love to think retroactively instead of proactively. They wait until a problem arises before anyone drafts a solution.

You know the parking services on your campus is preposterous when your professor offers to give extra credit if you take pictures of parking services’ employees wasting your money. FAMU has 99 problems and parking is No. 1.

Stephanie Gomez is the acting Managing Editor this week. Contact her at