Campus linking 101

While Shayla Stevens, who was a broadcast journalism student at the time, sat in associate professor William Bullard’s entrepreneur class last fall, she found herself catching the entrepreneurial bug. But she didn’t know where to start.

As she searched for ideas, Stevens, along with Chanel Glover, her classmate at the time, realized that they were always aware of various activities and events on FAMU’s campus.

However, when it came to events at Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College, Glover and Stevens felt they were usually left in the dark.

“I really just sat back and said to myself, ‘Who knows what I’ve been missing out on.'” Stevens said. “That and our desire to pursue entrepreneur endeavors gave us a start.”

After a lot of brainstorming, the two came up with an idea.

The final product was 101CollegeBlvd Inc, an organization that is geared toward providing an outlet for publicity to campus organizations and community businesses “one street at a time,” as stated in their slogan.

“101CollegeBlvd is set up to be a cross-communication channel to branch FAMU, FSU, and TCC together,” said Karimah Bell, a fifth year pharmacy student from Tampa who is an associate in charge of community affairs.

Stevens said 101CollegeBlvd Inc. started on Sept. 5.

On its Web site,, campus organizations from all three schools can sign up and produce Web sites.

On these pages, clubs can post calendars for their upcoming events as well as other important information pertaining to the club.

The FAMU section has been titled “FAMU Drive” while FSU has been titled “FSU Court” and TCC has been titled “TCC Lane.”

The Web site also serves other purposes for the community.

There is a link for the TalTran bus schedule. Another tool on the site allows students and non-collegiate residents to pay their utilities online.

Stevens said they plan to organize a street team.

“We’ve been going around talking to organizations on all three campuses,” said Kathryn Berry, a third year business administration student and the regional communications associate from Clinton, MD. “We also met with the mayor (John Marks) to put together a publicity package, so things are starting to move.”

Because of her job as a cheerleader for the National Football League’s Atlanta Falcons, Stevens often has to travel from Tallahassee to Atlanta.

While 101’s headquarters is stationed in Atlanta, Stevens said a lot of hard work is put on the backs of the regional associates in Tallahassee.

“Kristen Daniels (public relations and marketing regional associate), Kathryn Berry, and Karimah Bell have been the driving force behind 101CollegeBlvd,” Stevens said. “They hold me down tremendously while I’m traveling. Chanel’s in Louisiana in law school, so they keep it going. But we’re always looking for more supporters and partners because without them, there will be no 101.”

The University’s Department of Campus Recreation recently endorsed 101CollegeBlvd.

“We were looking for additional support to expand our horizons outside of FAMU,” said Michelle Roby, the office manager of the Department of Campus Recreation. “We took a chance and it’s been a wonderful time with them. It’s been one of the easiest entities to work with. I look forward to their success in the future.”

Stevens said she appreciates the support and motivation of several key figures in the community.

“(City Commissioner) Andrew Gillum, Mayor John Marks, (spokesman) Alan Williams and Mr. Daryl at Bethel A.M.E. all listened to us and told us to keep pushing,” Stevens said. “Ms. Inge mentored us and allowed us to talk to several clubs and organizations, so we are all grateful for their contributions.”

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