Stephanie LAmbert’s opinion on student tickets

I get so tired of people complaining about things that happen at FAMU and blaming the situtation on the school’s administration, organization, or whatever. Ms. Lambert’s statement about “the university’s irresponsibility and oversight of not having enough tickets [for the homecoming game] is deplorable,” is completely irrational. I understand Ms. Lambert’s disappointment at not being able to attend her homecoming, but does she expect that the school should allow all 13,005 students to attend the games? How would the university make money? Florida State has a similar method of distributing student tickets, however their process is much more complicated. And, FSU’s percentage of student tickets distributed in relation to the number of the student body pales in comparison to FAMU’s ratio, which is approximately 46 percent. FAMU providing nearly half the student body with tickets is a great thing!Basically, Ms. Lambert…get off it! The reality is, universities need money to function, and football games/athletic departments can be a major, major source of revenue. Maybe if the State of FLorida provided the institution with more money, or if alumni gave back to the school, we wouldn’t have to look towards football games for our money. Yes, a university is an institution for higher learning, but it is also a business and must function as such.

Signed,A Spring 2001 FAMU grad who attended every home game