Player’s injury may upset

With the men’s basketball season rapidly approaching, the University’s basketball coaches, players and fans are expecting another unforgettable season.

Practices have begun, plays are being taught and a tough schedule against teams like Michigan State, Illinois and Florida were all a part of the early season layout.

However, an injury to one of the team’s potential starters has thrown this program for a loop.

Darrious Glover, a junior transfer student from Olney Central Junior College in Chicago was expected to positively impact the team this season.

But, the 6 -foot-5-inch, 230 -pound forward was injured during pre-season weight training.

Glover said his rigorous daily workout routines of legwork and benching 325 pounds might have had some influence on his injury.

Glover, who underwent a double hernia removal Saturday morning was told that he could be out of play for four to six weeks.

After being diagnosed with food poisoning by the FAMU Medical Center, Glover could no longer bare his stomach pains and was taken to Capital Memorial Hospital where he endured an operation four hours later.

Glover, who averaged 16 points, 10 rebounds and five assists per game at Olney Central Junior College, said he was heavily recruited by Division I-A schools such as Purdue, Houston, East Tennessee State and Auburn.

Glover has been preparing for the upcoming season since his JUCO team lost in the regional championship in April.

He said despite high expectations he hasn’t felt any pressure and was ready to deliver on day one. In spite of his unexpected injury, Glover said the injury happened at the right time.

” This is only a minor setback,” Glover said. ” I’m a strong individual.”

Glover said he decided to attend FAMU because of the atmosphere he felt at the University, his instant bond with Head Coach Mike Gillespie Sr. and the opportunity to play on the same team with his best friend Richard Russell again.

Russell, who attended Westing House High School in Chicago with Glover, transferred to FAMU as a sophomore.

Assistant Coach Mike Gillespie Jr. said although the team is showing great effort and intensity in practice, Glover’s position needs to be filled.

“Our subs may have to step up,” Gillespie Jr. said.

Russell said each member on the team has his or her own talent to bring to the team and whoever will replace Glover should have enough confidence be able to do so. While inactive, Glover keeps his notebook of plays handy and watches film of last season’s games.

” I’m a student of the game first,” he said.

Even when the team wasn’t practicing Glover said he would be in a gym working hard.

He said his diligence is the reason he earned the respect of the coaching staff and players.

Glover said before his injury his daily conditioning with Assistant Coach Chrys Cornelius consisted of attacking the basket, shooting and running screens and using cones as decoys.

Russell said he praises the progress Glover has made in his game since high school.

” I don’t want him to rush it, but he needs to hurry up and get better,” Russell said.

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