As the smoke clears

Industrialist luster just faded

like lust in the jaded jaundiced bowels

of the empire that fails to howl at a moon that meshes its excrament

with the baseline of the capital’s precipice

the rest of us arrested just cause our development sprouts like subversive

weeds in a garden garnished with privatized prisons

and private eyes livin’

on every other brandished block pokin out like blackened eyes of a lifeless beast

that only eats eats eats

as the hapless victims plant their stock in a bank:rupt(uring) system

internal bleeding runs amuck

industrialist luster just faded

like flattops of rooftops where the fumes and smoke cropped

the residue of the machines rigor mortis

in the breathy passageways of flattoped youth cropped

in the tenements that tend to mince emotions

a vapid ocean

was the wasteland

industrialist luster just faded into grey smoke that choked the breath

of the nuts and bolts that helped it find its groove till….

the groove broke into a bric a brac krikkrakkrikkrak

mechanistic motions awry

stumbling and fumbling

no time to say sorry