Step show proves to be entertaining

FAMU students seem to have a knack for recycling pop culture themes and the 2004 Pan-Hellenic Step Show was a testimony to that.

The show started somewhat on time, which is doing well for a FAMU production. But the breaks between the step teams were more chaotic than they needed to be considering people were seated on the floor and the various step teams wanted to take advantage of every exit in the Gym.

Now for the performance recap. Starting with the initial disappointment of Friday’s show, the steppers representing the men of Omega Psi Phi had “knockout” bodies, but the stepping aspect went down for the count.

In a step show, people want to see, well, stepping. The Ques should have had a tighter performance because they have been off the yard for a minute and this was a good time to make a comeback. But the highlights of their appearance in this year’s show came from their skits.

Just one question: What did the Kappas do with that blow-up doll?

The Ques were crunk and the “Que-hopping” was on point and energetic. And one time for “Kanye West” making a special appearance for the show.

Speaking of energetic, the Sigma Gamma Rhos delivered a surprisingly entertaining show. But if you start stepping with seven girls on the stage, then all seven should remain on stage throughout your routine. And the whole spanglish-macarena thing was more lame than creative. When S. G. Rho started popping, it seemed like the Girlz of Poison interrupted their show for no apparent reason. Overall, their stepping was precise and in sync when they put on blind folds and stepped with canes.

But they should’ve helped the men of Kappa Alpha Psi. Kappas, how can you let the S. G. Rhos step better than you with canes? Don’t you carry those “kanes” around all the time? The eye candy and the allusion to down low Ques were nice touches, but didn’t excuse the fact that “kanes” were falling everywhere. The whole jail scene was clever and the guy singing “Locked Up” in the beginning was also plus.

Although most of the fraternities opted to use popular singers or rappers in their skits, why did the men of Alpha Phi Alpha from Alabama State pick the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Their routine was lackluster, probably because they were from a different school. And the dance routine at the end of their 15-minute block seemed somewhat random.

The men of Phi Beta Sigma put the other fraternities on notice with their step routine and proved why they are still champions of the Pan Hellenic Step Show. Their steps were precise and forceful and the clips from Friday were funny, at first. But then they became too long-winded and there was no apparent overall theme. However, this was a step show and they held it down.

On the other hand, ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha delivered a high-energy performance. The AKA’s took everyone in attendance to an “Ivy State University” a halftime show, Poison Ivy-style. Their steps appeared to be difficult although the stage seemed a little crowded with what looked like 25 girls on it. And the announcer’s voice was not music to anyone’s ears. Still, some girls were visibly envious of the AKA’s after Friday’s routine.

That is, until the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta delivered the most complete, but controversial performance. The Deltas indeed took the audience on a flight and everything in their routine was related to their theme. Considering all of the post-show hype about the AKA’s “paper” plane tickets in the Deltas’ skits, the attention should not be taken away from the level of difficulty of their steps. They came hard with their steps and they came hard with their skits. They won for cleverness and precision. When they have their next line, a lot of girls are sure to be lined up to get their tickets to fly Delta Airways.

Overall, this year’s greek step show was entertaining. Each step team exhibited some form of creativity and made the four hour show worth the $10 for the ticket.

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