Kate Edwards rallies for father’s ticket

On a nationwide tour, Kate Edwards, the 22-year-old daughter of Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards, spoke with The Famuan via telephone Wednesday.

Edwards, who recently graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor’s Degree in politics and economics, has spoken at 46 colleges across the country, including the University of South Florida and the University of Central Florida.

John Edwards visited Florida A&M University Sunday.

Kate Edwards is currently traveling with her mother, Elizabeth Edwards, promoting early voting and will continue with her college tour through Nov. 2.

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The Famuan: How important is the youth vote in this election?

Kate Edwards: It is incredibly important to make our voices heard because this is our future, and there is a lot a stake. As young people, we don’t always think that what happens in Washington affects us, but it does.

Famuan: What is the biggest project that your father and John Kerry are working on that will benefit young citizens?

Edwards: It’s hard to say that one is most important, but I believe college students are very much affected by the rising cost of education. Tuition has risen 35 percent over the last two years…my father and John Kerry are proposing a $4,000 tax credit for students in school and community service credit.

Famuan: What are you doing, personally, to encourage young people to get out and vote?

Edwards: There’s not a whole lot I can do. I think it’s up to the other young people to stress the importance of voting. A lot of young people are engaged in this election and I think we’re going to come out in large numbers. It’s especially important in Florida because last time 537 votes decided who the next president would be. We can make such a high impact in this election. The next president will probably be able to appoint Supreme Court justices. This is our future and this is what we will inherit.

Famuan: Why is the Kerry/Edwards ticket the best choice for the presidency?

Edwards: My father and John Kerry have an optimistic vision for the country. I don’t think that is true of the current administration. They are concerned with personal interests and those of their contributors. It is really important that we make a choice; and make a choice for change.