Artists lack ability to make good music

I’m old school. And since the time I was old enough to understand music, the oldies have always had my heart.

There’s just something about music that makes you feel good all over. As soon as Stevie Wonder hits the first key on the piano to “Ribbon in the Sky,” the mood just has a way of changing. And there’s no possible way for anybody to be mad while the Wonder Boy gently soothes a few musical souls.

It’s too bad music like that doesn’t exist anymore.

Now a days a lot of artists are straying from their soulful roots and losing the love for music because everything seems to be about money and fame. So it’s safe to say material things are taking center stage as new artists stray from making good songs. All that seems to matter now is flaunting expensive clothes, jewelry and cars on 24-inch rims.

Although money is important, putting out good music is why you should be a musician.

Artists have an obligation to produce strong and uplifting music whether they accept it or not.

In addition to that, the newest crop of singers and rappers is now sampling hit songs from the past. While some of these remakes do sound pretty good, others have been butchered like week-old ham. Beyonce remade “I’d Rather Be With You” by Bootsy Collins. Why? That used to be one of my favorite songs. I loved that cut. Now every time I hear the original I can’t get her whining voice out of my head. Another classic bites the dust!

Why can’t we go back to the days when all music was original music? When there was no sampling, just real music? When there weren’t any one-hit-wonders and not just great singles, but great albums. Let’s go back to those days.

Artists like Anthony Hamilton, Usher, Alicia Keys and Jagged Edge give me hope we might be able to revert back to that time.

So while R&B is faring pretty well, hip-hop is still lacking talented artists like the great Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. But there are some strong rappers, such as Ludacris, who use their minds creatively to make unique-sounding music. G-Unit, Eminem, T.I. and Jay-Z are at the front of my CD case collection.

Music that’s real, music all people can pretty much relate to and that motivates people.

I have a dream that one day…. just kidding.

But I can’t wait for the day music emulates the sound of artists like Earth, Wind and Fire, Sam Cook, Patti LaBelle and The Isley Brothers.

They made songs that regardless of age, race or gender, touched you so deeply to the point you believed the artist was talking directly to you. That’s music! One day, one day.

Royle King is a freshman broadcast journalism student from Dallas. Contact him at