Students place new focus on ‘politickin’

With national elections only 18 days away, the attitude of students at FAMU has been quite political.

A host of get-out-the-vote rallies, promote-the-vote tours and candidate debate forums have been held and turnout has been noteworthy.

It’s enough to make one believe Rattlers are really politically aware and voter-iclined.

Whereas the Set had turned into a courtyard for lames (with the exception of Fridays and random probate shows), students flocked to it as if it was the scene of the second coming when the Rev. Al Sharpton visited a few weeks ago.

Some students even missed the first home football game for a chance to sit in an auditorium with the critically acclaimed documentary film maker Michael Moore.

Then, students actually lined up, some were even meticulously dressed, to hear the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson speak during his stop from the “Hope is On the Way Tour.”

And, no one had to stop students from talking, get them to pay attention or stand by the door so they don’t walk out as is usual during convocations.

The social scene has also taken a back seat to voter registration drives and debate viewing parties.

To walk in the TV room and hear the voices of President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry in a presidential debate instead of the average music videos on BET or MTV is almost as euphoric as finally seeing new fashions in Tallahassee or Governor’s Square malls.

Lee Hall and Perry Paige auditoriums used to be settings for entertaining students through talent and fashion shows.

Now, they are places to hold meetings to enlighten students and leave the opportunity for students to openly debate and discuss their views on political issues.

From Greeks like the Deltas and Alphas to the FAMU College Democrats and College Republicans, various organizations have spent much time and money to motivate students to exercise their right to vote.

Politics has even made its mark on fashion.

Every day you can spot a student wearing a variety of political themes as fashion.

People from the Vote Coalition came on the scene with its “Drop Tuition Not Bombs” T-shirts and many people are rocking the “Vote or Die” tees.

Although it is cute to make a fashion statement, present times call for students to say more.

We must make our political voice be heard.

But the truth will be revealed at the polls Nov.2.

Hopefully, we will live up to all of the efforts to get out the vote.

Prayerfully, all Rattlers, no matter what party affiliation, will get out AND vote.

Diamond Washington is a junior magazine production student from Miami. She is lifestyles editor for The Famuan. Contact her at