Things to do at a Rattler homecoming

It is the Friday before the week of Homecoming and ironically, the energy around campus is surprisingly absent. Two weeks ago I was debating whether I would be spending another Homecoming weekend in Tallahassee or whether I would be on the first Greyhound leaving the city. Do not get me wrong, I know how to have a good time and the ones who know me will throw in a few “Amens” to support my claim. Yet, this year, I have decided to just relax. But, for those who are looking forward to Homecoming, let me share with you my personal “Do Try” list to keep you motivated.

Have all your friends from back home come to Tallahassee in rented vehicles with suitcases of designer clothes and shoes. Not only will you look good, but your feet will hurt and you won’t be able to eat from fear of busting out of those tight jeans.

Try driving down Tennessee on Friday and Saturday night because that is where all the action will be. Think about how much fun it is getting trapped in bumper-to-bumper traffic listening to loud music coming from the car next to you. Your traffic neighbors will probably be a loud group of girls, a smooth group of brothers who believe they are worth the women’s approach, or the smoke filled Chevy driving-dread, who loves to show his gold teeth. The only problem, Tallahassee Police Department ended that late night traffic years ago.

Still not enthused.

Try going to all of the events sponsored by Office of Student Activities. If you go to the fashion show, join the large crowds of people who out dress the models. Take notice of fashion troupes when one of their members come on stage, they will either stand up; or throw signs in the air. But what will you do? You can laugh because someone will either slip, have an outrageous walk, or get teased by someone in the audience. This is just one of the activities, but it was worth the skipping in line or waiting for over an hour while trying to get the tickets in the first place.

Then, there is the game.

If you go, there is nothing more fun than showing your school spirit, wearing your orange and green, hugging all your friends and cheering for your team. The barbeque will be the best it is been all year. The fish dinners will leave crumbs around your mouth. Can you taste it? Good, because it is going to be worth all $20, because the food will not come cheap. Vendors have a way of taxing during Homecoming. Their motto is “Eat good. Pay more.”

Then if you are interested in going to the concert, do what I did. But, I will not be responsible if you get caught. Pay for a ticket and sweet talk your way all the way back stage. Your friends will love you. Then watch how everyone backstage acts as if they are V.I.P. You’ll wonder, “Don’t I know that guy, he’s in my class.” Leave him alone, though, he’s profiling.

Lastly is the club. You have been dying to get your party on and so have the club owners. The clubs that usually let you in free before a certain time, now charge back pay fees. If you do get in, have as much fun as you can in an overcrowded club with barely enough room to dance. Do not worry about that though, most people will be focused on looking good, rather than breaking a sweat for a good groove. So, if all else fails, don’t dance just “lean back.”

So, hopefully this has helped you out some. Homecoming has left me with some wonderful memories.

But this year, I think I’ll do something different. I’ll put on a Rattler T-shirt, a large hat, some comfortable shoes, grab me a good chair, watch the game and have myself a relaxing weekend rather than a real crazy one. Maybe.

Tiffany Pitts is a senior broadcast journalism student from Jacksonville. Contact her a