Students ready for week of

Getting into the Florida A&M University homecoming spirit is at the top of some students’ festivity plans.

With concerts, tailgating, parties and cookouts, some students say showing their FAMU spirit is a routine and won’t be hard to get into.

“My friends and I are going to tailgate like we do every year and make clothes for the game,” said Iyo Super, 22, a third-year business administration student from Charlotte, N.C.

But if making clothes for the game is not your style, then buying FAMU gear may be the next best thing for getting into the homecoming spirit.

“I definitely plan on buying more FAMU T-shirts,” said Donnyelle Russ, 22, a third-year health care management student from Tallahassee. “Having [as much] paraphernalia as possible is key for me.”

But for some who have yet to enjoy the FAMU homecoming experience and may not have as many T-shirts as a FAMU homecoming veteran, planning ahead to attend as many events as possible is what they anticipate for maximizing their homecoming spirit.

“I already looked ahead on my class schedules, and I know that I do not have any tests or anything due homecoming week. So, I plan on going to many parties, cookouts, concerts and the game,” said Jermaine Holmes, 18, a freshman electrical engineering student from Starkville, Miss.

While some students look forward to going to the game, there are other students who look forward to showcasing their homecoming spirit by performing at the game.

“Homecoming time is always the craziest time of the year for all of us in the band,” said Joseph Carrion, 20, a political science student from Miami.

“Even our practices are loose,” said Carrion. “It’s the one time of the year when we showcase our spirit by having fun, while we practice doing what we do best during the half-time show. And then the actual show itself, I don’t think anyone can have anymore spirit than that.”

While every student may have a different routine that helps them get into the homecoming spirit, it is apparent that FAMU is full of students filled with the Rattler spirit.

Festivities for homecoming begin Monday and will last throughout the weekend.

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