Homecoming Tickets

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a fourth year engineering student and I think that a lot of the changes that FAMU is doing concerning the football games and the homecoming tickets is very unfair to the students that have to travel to campus from the engineering building. First of all, we had to fight to get the FAMUAN over there. FSU brings the paper over there faithfully every publishing day. The next item that I have of concern is the fact that nobody knew about game tickets being distributed and by the time we found out, all the tickets were gone. I was told by a freshman that we could go to the athletic director and get the tickets and he still tried to charge us for the homecoming tickets. So there goes the engineering population at the homecoming game. Another issue is the fact that we received the FAMUAN on Wednesday, October 13, 2004 and it told us that tickets to all the homecoming events will be distributed on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Seeing that we did not receive a paper on Monday, we did not know about this until Wednesday and by the time we made it on campus, there were no more free tickets, no more tickets that you could buy, only the $20 VIP Passes. Now most people on campus just think that the engineers are lame and that we don’t want to get out but that’s not the fact…FAMU is holding out on us. I still pay my tuition to this university so I still think that I deserve the same priviledges that people who live on campus receive. Therefore, I think that more things should be announced at the engineering school. I don’t want the engineering school to be treated as a special case because we are not charity cases, I just want to be acknowledged as a FAMU student before I graduate!