Short-Term Memory (to girls around for a season)

What’s your name?Excuse me?What’s your name? It’s not like I don’t careThat’s what you used to thinkBefore I took you thereTo the point of no returnWhere something burnedLike incenseLose all senseDissipating like smokeBut no jokeWhat’s your name? Release all that negative energyRelease all that negative energyTo be atomically correctRelease your electronsThinking more earthlyMold meClayfullyPlayfully You are phenomenallyAstronomicallyWonderfulWe are in the nexus of all possibilitiesBeing whatever we want each otherTo beBefore we forget where we came fromBefore we becomeNumb and dumb Put a hop in my stepAlmost a skipBut don’t tripBe coolBe coolIce cold!Like my soul used to beBefore you warmed it upHopefully you’ll be a constellation of a foxy ladyWith 2 tailsOne a posterior to make J-Lo blushThe other our lifestory togetherHush… Baby I’ll hold the candles’Til they turn to waxMuch how my words turn to factsLike how ILoveYouBecomes immutable lawBecomes affection unflawedBecomes…Incessant withdrawalWithout you…Without a traceBecause I can’t remember the place I saw your faceWithout a trace…–SCENES OF PASSION BECOME DISAPPEARING ACTS–