Gainous deserves patience

I may be just one of the few students who feel the firing of Dr. Gainous may be the wrong move. It could just be my tendency to root for the underdog, since it’s Gainous against the world. When Gainous got the job FAMU, already had its fair share of problems and some.

I understand our hope of getting back to being “College of the Year” like in 1997, or even getting better period. But I know one thing, it will definitely take more than two years to get there. I understand FAMU is getting a lot of national attention. All that negativity is being placed on one man’s shoulders. People are so anti-Gainous they tend to forget about the positive things he’s done. I don’t look at the glass half full or empty, I see it as everything happens for a reason.

We had to be patient in finding this president being that there were four in front of him for the job. God may have done this for a reason. I am not trying to make this a religious thing but we have to be patient with him. This is a very serious issue.

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