Florida voters to choose more than a president

This election year is requiring Floridians to play a major influential role in deciding who will become the most powerful person in the United Sates and arguably, the world. However, we must not lose sight of major immediate measures that will be addressed on Election Day.

Along with voting for president of the United States, Floridians will be asked to cast their vote on several state amendments. Three amendments that Florida residents will vote on are far from frivolous. Some of the measures on the ballot are asking Floridians to make huge moral and economic decisions that will shape the future of this state.

The items on the ballot include amendments affecting abortion, minimum wage, a high-speed railway system and multiple patients’ rights issues. These are measures that will not only have long reaching implications in Florida, but also help set precedents across the United States.

Requiring a minor to have parental notification prior to having an abortion is a major initiative.

Raising Florida’s minimum wage by $1 is a major initiative.

Limiting the number of malpractice charges against physicians before their license is revoked is a major initiative.

Floridians must make every effort to become aware of all of the measures that will be on the ballot. Voting blindly on these proposed amendments may actually have dire consequences that can alter the course of the lives of millions of Floridians.

A list of the proposed amendments and their full wording may be found at http://election.dos.state.fl.us/initiatives/initiativelistBallot.asp.

We must be properly armed with the knowledge of the national issues and the statewide issues that we are facing before we head to the polls on Nov. 2. It is safe to say many Floridians are facing the most important election of their lives, and this is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Debate to unveil candidates’ stances on key issues

With the previous presidential and vice presidential debates almost entirely focusing on foreign policy and the Iraqi war, the final presidential debate tonight will be a measure of great relief.

Tonight’s debate will center on domestic policy, which has been greatly neglected during this campaign season. Diatribes on the War on Terrorism, Iraq, previous military service and coalition support have been the driving force. The lack of focus on America’s domestic issues has been a disservice and travesty for potential voters.

Undecided voters must tune in tonight to the debates because by the end of this debate they will have a relatively complete understanding of the candidates stances on key issues.

This final debate will be the nail in the coffin for one of the candidates because Americans will finally get a full picture of what they stand for and decide the country is better off without their leadership.

FAMU football disappoints

In the fall at most universities, students can unwind from a long week of work and class by supporting their school’s football team. The same is true at FAMU.

However, the experience won’t be that alleviating or exhilarating. Poor performance on the field coupled with the fact the team is essentially playing for nothing after last year’s failed division 1-A move left the team ineligible to compete for any type of a championship.

On Saturday, a Nicholls State team that lost the previous week to North Dakota State and is in its first year as a division 1-AA team blew out the Rattlers, 42-25. To make matters worst, the Colonels did so without attempting a single pass.

Even halftime is not what it used to be as the Marching 100 was booed off the field after a scheduled 20-minute performance that only included about five minutes of actual music. If ever exiting a less-than-half-filled Bragg Memorial Stadium before the beginning of the third quarter was justified, Saturday was the night.

Even Head Coach Billy Joe said the program is at its lowest point it has ever been during a press conference before the season began.

Be a good Rattler and support the football team. Just understand you will be getting the same level of service that you get from the staff and administration in financial aid and the Orange Room.