Voting Inconsistencies

Florida’s decidedly inconsistent voting policies run deeply.

As evident by the usage of two separate types of voting machines – optical scan and Direct Recording Electronic – consistency is not the state’s strong suit.

With questions and concerns arising about accountability and the need for potential recounts, the state should implore one system of voting.

Although both the optical scan and DRE have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, there should only be one set of voting machines. This type of standardization would allow citizens to be more comfortable with the changing technology in regards to the voting process. It also allows election officials statewide to be in control of the process and gives them the ability to ensure a fair election.

The utilization of different voting machines is absurd. This system only adds fuel to the argument that cognizant disenfranchisement is occurring in Florida.

The simplicity of developing a statewide voting system is mind boggling.

By taking the relatively easy step of using one set of voting machines, Florida could be on its way to regaining its voting credibility.After this step is taken, statewide election reform may be just around the corner.

Housing director must be ready to make

immediate changes

Student housing concerns are an eternal burden on FAMU.

There are complaints about room assignments, housing conditions, safety issues and costs.

To this end, the new housing director that Vice President of Student Affairs Patricia Green-Powell has a standard full slate to address. However, the new director must be prepared for challenges that may be viewed as uncommon.

As director, the new hire must take special care to improve the department’s image. With multiple debacles including the false move already under the department’s belt for this academic year, there is major work to be done to improve the department’s image.

The new director must also be committed to the multitude of changes that are occurring in housing.

Overseeing major dorm renovations and a proposed new apartment complex is a large undertaking that must not be taken lightly.

These items will be key in attracting more students to the University in light of recent failures in other areas.

A dedication to improving a relatively sub-par housing staff that struggles with efficiency and courtesy despite recent improvements.

As the newest member of the FAMU administrative staff, the new director must be prepared for an abundance of challenges.

The new housing director must above all else be prepared to hit the ground running and be focused on fast, efficient change.