Hamilton heats up stage

“Impressive” is the best way to describe Tuesday evening’s Anthony Hamilton concert.

Hamilton rocked the crowd with at least 10 songs from his 12-track debut album “Coming from Where I’m From.”

The first ballad he sang was “Since I Seen’t You” followed by “Chyna Black.” He continued serenading fans with his profound stage presence and down-to-earth charisma. His exhaustion from running, jumping and dancing was evident as he took a short break and sat down while the band played for the audience.

Fans’ chants grew louder when the band started playing the instrumentals of “Charlene,” the most recent single from his platinum album.

Fans sang every song-each lyric and hook-along with Hamilton. The soulful artist displayed his vocals to the listening audience. His tone was smooth and rugged. The audience acknowledged him by waving their hands, opening their cell phones and chanting his name.

Hamilton started out with his hat and jacket on but ended getting comfortable enough to roll up his sleeves.

“I am the crowd; we (are) the same people. I am no different from them. It’s just my turn to sing,” Hamilton said.

FAMU alumna Ivy Wright, 96.1 on-air personality Ivy Kordae, had the chance to introduce Hamilton to an eager audience.

But the crowd would not have been as hyped had it not been for Hamilton’s opening act, Dawn Angelique.

The newcomer took the audience’s breath away. The crowd was behind her as she performed with the band.

Angelique, who is signed to Atlanta-based record label Yeah Brother Records demonstrated great stage presence.

She stunned the crowd by singing tracks from her self-titled album. “Boot in the Pants,” an R&B ballad with a twist of New Orleans flavor, was one of the songs she performed. She also performed renditions of tracks from other artists’ records including Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.”

“I didn’t expect all the love that was shown to me by the audience, since I am new to the industry,” Angelique said.

Angelique was notable; however, it was Hamilton’s night to shine in the capital.

One female fan was moved to tears as Hamilton jumped off the stage and walked through the audience. As Hamilton performed, he displayed an unmatched energy and excitement.

He also passionately expressed his meaning of love. Hamilton, who got his start in church, thanked the Lord on stage. That is what really impressed his fans.

“Comin’ From Where I’m From,” Hamilton’s first single, was the last song of the night. His smooth voice was inviting, strong and full of warmth. He definitely pleased the audience, which gave him a standing ovation.

In a classy gesture, Hamilton, with his cup of tea, raised his right hand and thanked the audience for coming to the concert.

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