Senate reflects on campus program

Nothing but smiles and laughter filled the senate chambers during Monday night’s student senate meeting. Campus improvement and student outreach were the themes of the night.

Senators removed the serious tone that has often prevailed at previous meetings during the fall semester and focused on the ways they have managed to reach out to the student body this academic year, such as “Staff the Café.”

Senators said “Staff the Cafe” was a way for them to speak to the students on the different issues that concerned them.

“Many students thought that we wanted something from them,” Senior Sen. LaJoy Mercer said. “We just wanted to give back to our students.”

Senate Pro-Tempore Jessica Larche said she was also very pleased with the success of “Staff the Café.”

“We are bridging the gap between the student body and the senate,” she said.

Larche also spoke about an upcoming event which would make students conscious of credit dangers.

“We need to raise credit awareness especially with freshmen,” Larche said.Junior Sen. Torey Alston about the new orientation for the freshmen senators that was held last Wednesday.

“Sen. Wilmoth invited the freshmen senators to come to her house to go over the handbook,” Alston said. “It was very productive.”

Junior Sen. Yvette Wilmoth said her main objective was to pass on the knowledge that was handed down from previous senate officials.

“A lot of freshmen senators were asking for advice, so I invited all of the freshmen senators and older senators to come to my house for an informal meeting to share with them some of our experience,” Wilmoth said.

Alice Mathis, director of Student Activities, also came before the senate to speak on the success of Parents’ Weekend, which lasted from Oct. 1 to Oct. 3.

“Although we don’t have the figures from this weekend, we know that it was 100 percent better than last year,” Mathis said.

Sen. Elijah Bowdre spoke about the Election Protection rally, which will be held in Orlando from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2.

The Voter Protection Commission is sponsoring the trip, which is free to students and includes the bus ride, hotel and food.

“This is a great event, and I strongly encourage every student to get involved,” Bowdre said.

There is also going to be an Election Protection meeting in the Senate Chambers hosted by City Commissioner Andrew Gillum.

Senate President Ramon Alexander was also very excited about the upcoming events.

“Confirmations are done and the executive branch is fully housed,” Alexander said.

“Last year, the confirmations didn’t end until December.”

One item of old business for the night was senate bill SB04F-001 Proviso Language, Alexander stated, “with the exception of the proposed changes to the Election Codes and Finance Codes, the Student Government Association’s duty empowered to amend and revise its governing documents without the approval of the University Board of Trustees.”

Alexander continued by stating, “This bill is going to help speed up the process of passing bills and will give the senate the opportunity to work with the Board of Trustees.”

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