Storms sends message

What’s up FAMU?

It’s been a long time, yes I know. But until now, I really didn’t have anything interesting to talk about. Now I do.

You know some of the old folk say hurricanes take the same path the slave ships did. They come off the coast of Africa and end up in the same states the slaves did. Well, I kind of like this theory because it is like our ancient, ancient ancestors are getting revenge. I know some people are thinking, “Yeah right.”

So I have a better theory.

Do you remember at the end of “The Color Purple” when they were singing, “Maybe God Is Tryin’ To Tell You Somethin’?” I seriously think God is trying to give us a hint or something.

I am not from Florida, but what I have heard from other Floridians is there have never been so many hurricanes back-to-back that have had such an effect on the state. Meaning Florida has had several hurricanes that caused billions of dollars in damage with weeks of each other. People have lost homes, loved ones and, most importantly, money.

Well, I think this is a message saying that everyone needs to get registered to vote. And not only vote, but vote maybe even for another president.

According to the Associated Press, President George W. Bush signed a bill to give the Federal Emergency Management Agency $2 billion for Florida’s aide relief on Sept. 9. Then Ivan hit and the estimated damage grew to $3 to $10 billion, while Jeanne’s estimated damage cost is still being calculated.

Does he not plan on giving any more money or relief to the state that miraculously got him into office? The last I heard, he requested $87 billion for Iraq, but Bush wants to give Floridians less than 1 percent of that.

Hold on, I’m sorry. That doesn’t make any sense.

My tax dollars pay your salary and in my time of need you don’t help me because you have to go liberate Iraq? Oh yeah, that’s way more important than helping your brother’s state.

I don’t know y’all, it seems kind of fishy to me.

Somebody is trying to open up Floridians’ eyes so they can see how their president really views them. He can always use Operation Iraqi Freedom as the reason he does not have the funds to help Florida. But why is he spending our tax dollars in another country?

Better yet, why are we in Iraq anyway?

Regardless if you believe in my theory or not, you have to admit that it is not coincidental Florida is being hit so hard during an election year.

So I implore you to take a look at your president, evaluate him and see if he is really worthy of four more years.

Please register to vote. Today is last day to do so.

Time is running out.

Ricquel Lewis is a senior public relations student from Oakland, Calif. Contact her at