Proper skincare key to healthy, youthful, beautiful-looking skin

The search for the best facial care products can seem endless for both men and women, with all of the products on the shelves to choose from.

Most skincare products have harsh chemicals that can cause irritation and imbalance the skin. However, in the past few years, products that promote the use of natural elements from the earth, and less chemicals, have been surfacing on the shelves.

Using natural skincare products provide an alternative for those who want a more holistic approach to skin care.

Although these products provide natural fragrances and use fruit extracts and elements from the earth, the question is, do they really treat the skin and help prevent blemishes?

“There are no bad products on the market,” said Dorothy Feazell, licensed esthetician and owner of Dorothy’s Basic Skin Care on South Magnolia Drive.

Feazell said there is not much difference between natural products and the more chemical heavy products. She also said individual skin type determines which products will work for you.

Cosmetic brands that use natural products may provide a more psychological benefit with their aromatherapy lines.

Origins, an organic cosmetic line, sells products promoting healthy skin using natural ingredients. It’s a versatile line that can be used on most skin types and skin tones. Origins uses fruit extracts and aromatherapy in its products to balance the skin and provide a deep cleansing feeling.

“Because it [Origins] is all-natural, there are not many people who can’t use our line,” said Stacey Younger, make-up artist for Origins. “Our products provide less irritation than with man-made products.”

Caring for your skin properly and getting products that are right for your skin type are key elements to healthy, beautiful-looking skin.

“Using products correctly makes such a difference,” Feazell said.

Feazell says a major problem with skin care is people are not aware of what their skin type is and what products work best for them.

Although products that use natural elements are very popular, some skin care professionals say they provide more of a psychological benefit than a physical one.

“We don’t promise anything to our customers,” said Erin Barttelt, sales associate for The Body Shop.

The Body Shop also carries products containing elements from the earth.

However, if you are concerned with treating acne or blemishes, these products may not be for you.

“There is no quick fix,” said Feazell, who has been in skincare business for 34 years.

Products using mostly natural ingredients may not help with acne. Those who have moderate to bad acne may want to consult a licensed esthetician.

“Don’t get hung up on a product,” Feazell advised.

If you are experiencing blemish-prone skin, the products you are using may not be the problem; your hair could be the culprit. Dirty hair and sweat can transfer onto the pillow and then to the face, causing more blemishes to appear.

No matter what your skin type is, Feazell recommended students have facials done regularly as a part of maintenance.

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