‘Truth’ tour lives up to moniker

Lights, camera, satisfaction!

“The Truth” concert featured performances from Christina Milian, Kanye West and Usher.

The night’s performance started with Christina Milian singing “Dip it Low,” the first single from her album, “It’s About Time.” Milian had men’s tongues dropping to the floor.

The sensual Milian dipped it for all the males in the audience and displayed her striptease-like choreography.

The only thing missing was a pole. But, her performance was good.

It did what it was supposed to do–hype the crowd. The singer stunned the crowd with her movements and her voice and prepared the crowd for the next performer.

The anticipation for Kanye West was evident, as many people headed for the front row, even if their tickets were for the back row.

Fans’ chants were a clear signal for the MTV award-winning rapper to hit the stage.

Kanye, who was on stage with his deejay and new artist John Legend, ironically rocked this college town with songs off of his album “College Dropout.” Kanye, a rookie in the rap game, looked like a veteran on stage. He seemed to be very composed, smooth and, of course, arrogant. But, arrogance can be a good thing when in front a crowd that is screaming – and I do mean literally screaming – to the top of their lungs. His performance was impressive.

Usher amazed the crowd with his fancy foot work, matured vocals and X-rated dancers. Not to mention the fireworks that deafened concert attendees on more than one occasion. It was thrilling to see the man of the hour decked out in a orange and green FAMU jersey, equipped with the no. 23 and Raymond printed on the back. He scored extra cool points with all the FAMU students.

His special guest, Rico Love, a FAMU alumnus, is the first person signed to Usher’s Us Records.

Both men performed together, and Love gave Tallahassee a taste of what he has to offer with a quick freestyle.

Usher-the showstopper-must have gone to the Wal-Mart on Tennessee Street and bought a pack of white sleeveless T-shirts, because he ripped one off and appeared in a new one in a matter of seconds. It was obvious the crowd loved every minute of the show by the dozens that chanted his name. The crowd went berserk.

One lucky fan got a chance to be up close and personal with Usher. The young lady walked across the stage, sat down and was serenaded by the artist.

The show moved along with a lot more dancing, singing and screaming.

The concert ended with Usher doing the A-Town Stomp, the Muscle, the Thunder Clamp and the Rock Away.

Then cut.

This concert will forever be cemented in the minds of all the people in attendance. If not them, then maybe the girl that was on stage with Mr. Raymond.

And cut!

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