Students should unite, fight for better service

In the midst of all the acclamation and fanfare FAMU has received, students still criticize the institution.

The University continues to fail in putting students’ financial priorities at the top of the list.

The sixth week of school approaches, and students are still feeling the effects of the mistakes with the new Enterprise Resource Planning System.

They are missing classes and rent is past due.

They patiently wait in two- to three-hour lines only to hear the same response given to the student before them.

The system is down.

There is a new system that disburses checks differently this year.

These are a few of the excuses Rattlers are tired of hearing.

There may be a problem with the new computer system.

But if so, why not have ERP administration on campus to help solve these problems?

After all, wasn’t that the reason the University switched to a new system-to rid old computer problems?

As a new transfer student, I, along with several other Rattlers, have spent a lot of time in the financial aid office.

This creates pressure and frustration for many, causing financial discrepencies to negatively affect students’ academic careers.

Here’s how:

As a result of their money not being available, students will have a hard time purchasing books.

This will only lead to them neglecting their work, which means falling behind in classes.

We, as students, depend on financial aid to pay our bills, buy groceries and even to buy our fashionable outfits.

So in respect for students’ needs, why are net checks disbursed so late?

Why try to deprive, delay or blame new technology because of the traditional financial aid mistakes?

When will this trend end?

A part of the FAMU vision statement is “…to provide citizens of Florida, the nation and the world with meaningful service…”

The Financial Aid Office has failed in providing acceptable financial services to a majority of its students.

Why not help ease the students’ minds by disbursing the net checks within a reasonable time?

This problem has gone on too long.

Former and current Rattlers, we must join together and rally to receive better service.

Students you must take a stand.

In the meantime, fellow students, let’s not forget our responsibility to meet deadlines.

Rattlers, this is not high school; things are not given to us without a struggle.

So remember to make copies and turn your documents in on time so you don’t have to wait in that ridiculously long financial aid line.

Jequisha Williams is a junior broadcast journalism student from Gainesville. Contact her at