Robyn Mizelle

I can’t believe what I just read from a so-called journalism major. This piece, while I understand is someone’s opinion, is just a total injustice. I’m not only offended as former journalist, but as a FAMUAN. The most obvious, most glaring show of inaccurate reporting is the part where the Miss Mizelle aludes that Dr. Gainous fired Dr. Sloan. If she had did her homework, she would have remembered that Dr. Gainous did not fire her, state law essentially did. Dr. Sloan and Dr. Gainous share a mother and Florida law prohibited her from taking direction from her brother in such a highly placed position. I definitely know that they are brother and sister because they are my aunt and uncle. Miss Mizelle, if my aunt was so beloved to you, then how you can print such a pack a lies about her and the circumstances under which she left FAMU. When I worked at the FAMUAN, the editors I knew would have never allowed such inaccurate and shoddy reporting to go on. Writing your opinion is fine, but you should not sacrifice basic journalism skills to do so. Shame on you, Miss Mizelle!

Shaundra L. LeeTallahassee, FL.