Nas ‘Bridging the Gap’ by including father in video

For the first time in his life, rapper Nas will film a video with his father jazz musician Olu Dara. Although Dara has been working with Nas since his musical debut in which he played trumpet on a track on “Illmatic,” the two have never appeared together on a music video, until now. Fans can catch an all-smiles Nas dancing and strumming an air guitar in the upcoming “Bridging the Gap” video.

Cops & Robbers

Comedian and former “Saturday Night Live” cast member, Jimmy Fallon and rapper turned A-list actress Queen Latifah came together to film “Taxi.” The original French comedy gets an American twist in this remake about a speedy cab driver who is employed by a clumsy cop to seize a mob of thieves in New York City.

The Real Bobby

R&B bad boy Bobby Brown’s projected reality TV show, “Being Bobby Brown,” is set to air in 2005. Bravo, an NBC cable channel, purchased 10 episodes of the series. The one-hour TV show trails Brown through various parts of his life including the legal and family aspects. It provides a thorough view of Bobby’s interaction with his six children, his wife, R&B great Whitney Houston, and their daughter, Bobbi Christina.

Family First

“Bad boy” turned good guy Mase left fans waiting Sept. 25 when he failed to show up to a concert that was set to celebrate his comeback to the music industry. According to the show’s promoter, Naquan Busby, instead of showing up to the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY to headline the “Welcome Back” concert, the rapper chose to relax with his wife and newborn son.

Hot in Fur

Rapper and actor LL Cool J used a familiar spot to film his new music video from his latest album, “The DEFinition.” Outside of Jamaica Avenue’s Coliseum Mall in Queens, NY, LL beat the 85-degree weather in a fur vest while shooting the video for “Hush” in his old ‘hood.

Her Prerogative

In an upcoming issue of Us Weekly magazine pop star, Britney Spears professes that she and Kevin Federline are yet to be legally married. Although Spears and Federline bumped their wedding date up before they could file for a marriage license, the couple claims that their ceremony on Sept. 18 was a fake. Spears cast her soon-to-be hubby as a groom in her new music video, “My Prerogative.”

Locked Up

Female rapper Lil’ Kim’s bodyguard, Suif Jackson, also known as C-Gutta received a 12-year prison sentence for his connection in a 2001 shootout. Jackson was sentenced for discharging a gun 20 times outside a New York radio station office in February of that year. The “Queen Bee” will stand trial for perjury involving the same case.

Compiled by Diamond Washington