Numerous problems continue to make FAMU punch line of jokes

Long lines, bad customer service, and the slow pace of the financial aid office became the butt of many jokes. It used to be common for students to poke fun at the problems they encountered on this campus.

However, over the past two years we have seen an influx of newer concerns. And they are steadily piling on top of the old ones that were never resolved.

The recent net check fiasco has proven that the ERP upgrade was in vain.

Within two weeks of the beginning of this semester, more than 400 students living in Paddyfote and Polkinghorne were given eviction notices out of the blue. Yet the decision to uproot them from their initial dorm assignments was-once again-abruptly reversed after many were already packed to relocate.

Student enrollment has declined by 20 percent, and the state’s audit of FAMU has yet to be completed but has already been called by one state official the worst he has ever seen.

As anyone would expect, the ability of students to make light of drawbacks such as these is now defunct.

Students are no longer accepting the exhausted excuse that this is a historically black university.

On the eve of the Board of Trustees meeting it is important that President Gainous and the BOT members know that alumni are not the only ones feeling afflicted.

They must know that students aren’t laughing anymore.

New CIA director may destroy democracy

Porter Goss, a republican congressman from Florida, was sworn in on Friday as the new head of the Central Intelligence Agency. However, there is one major drawback. Goss is a republican.

In the words of former CIA director, George Tenet, “There is no room for either politics or partisanship in the way the intelligence community performs its duties.”

Citizens can expect the head of the CIA or any agency to be a member of the same political party as the sitting president. But it doesn’t benefit Americans for everyone in lead governmental roles to have markedly similar views and beliefs.

Political diversity is essential to the well-being and survival of American life. Not only is it important for the opinions to differ, but it is vital to the decision making process in government policies.

It is commendable to see a person with years of dedicated public service advance and move higher within the government. However, when everyone advancing is from the same group, no one truly benefits.

For the country’s present and posterity, Goss must heed Tenet’s words.