College dating made cheap

You and your friends are sitting on the Set on a Friday. All of the sudden you see someone who catches your eye.

After conversing for a while, numbers are exchanged and plans are made for a potential date.

When that special person comes along, what does someone do for a date? Where to go? What to do? How much is this going to cost?

Dating in college can be a great challenge.

Many college students are on a budget that holds them back from spending large amounts of money on items that aren’t necessary.

When some people think of a date, they think of a fancy restaurant with dim lighting and soft music. Such romantic settings can be quite expensive.

“If it was a special occasion, I would have enough money saved for the date. We would go to a nice restaurant,” said Jackie Clark, a 19 year-old junior allied health student from Jacksonville.

However, there are many fun and romantic, yet economical things to do on a date in Tallahassee.

Usually, on-campus events are viewed as outings to attend with friends. But many fail to realize that going to these events with a significant other can potentially morph into a great date.

Football and basketball games are some organized activities where you and your mate can bond.

Also, fashion, talent and comedy shows can provide exciting entertainment for a party of two.

For a more a different mood, take your date to one of the many Essential theater productions. Most of the aforementioned events are free to students with Rattler cards.

A classic date that people often frequent is dinner and a movie. Make this classic date more interesting by having pizza at Chuck E. Cheese and follow with a dollar movie at Movies 8 2810 Sharer Rd., which is all in the same plaza. Movie ticket prices range from 50 cents to $2.

Buffet-style restaurants are affordable places to sit and get to know the person you are dating.

King Buffet, located on 2814 Apalachee Parkway, serves over 100 entrees of Chinese, Japanese, and American food. Diners can enjoy the lunch special for $5.95 and the dinner special for $8.95, both not including tax.

“We also have a sushi bar,” said Iwan Tan, the restaurant manager.

CiCi’s pizza on 2427 SW 27th Ave Ocala Rd., offers a $3.99 buffet with a variety of Italian food, including pizza and pasta.

“Our buffet includes two types of salads, eight dressings, two types of pasta and sauces, and three types of desserts,” said CiCi’s pizza general manager, Edward Pena.

For the freshman living on campus, transportation can propose an issue for late-night dating.

“If a guy was to ask me out on a date, it would be his responsibility to provide a ride,” said Chauncey Ford, a 18-year old freshman Pharmacy student from Fort Lauderdale. “If he said that we would be taking the bus or cab, I wouldn’t go on that date.”

For the students that don’t have transportation, there are sources like TalTran, taxi cabs, shuttles, and upperclassmen who drive.

Staying at home is the most inexpensive date idea.

“Since it’s just a regular date, then it would be at my house. I would cook dinner and pick a movie to watch,” Clark said.

Although Tallahassee is a small college town, there are plenty of affordable places to go on a date. From school events to a quiet evening at home, it is possible to have fun and romance for a reasonable price.

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