Donna Hill sets the rules for the true ‘divas’

We’ve all seen her in her high heels with her sassy walk. All the guys love her and the women…they just like to pretend they do. She’s never caught looking anything short of gorgeous. She keeps her hair meticulously done, nails neatly polished. And as far as her wardrobe, let’s just say she sets the standard while everyone else spends their time trying to measure up to her. She’s not just a lady. She’s a diva. The type of woman most women attempt to be, but only few have the courage to be- until now.

In the novel, “Diva’s Inc,” authored by Donna Hill, Margaret Drew has spent most of her life behind the scenes of her two best friends Tiffany and Chanel. From an early age, it was obvious that Tiffany and Chanel had all the criteria they needed to be divas in the making. They were cute enough to make adults adore them, charming enough to make boys share their lunches with them and smart enough to realize Margaret was the only person their parents trusted- which made her a necessity to all their sneaky schemes.

Fast forward some years later and not much has changed. Tiffany and Chanel become bona fide divas sporting their Beverly Johnson wigs, rising to the top of the corporate ladder, cruising in luxury cars and having maids clean their homes on the weekends and most importantly-making men wish they could afford them.

On the other hand, Margaret’s life remains dull and ordinary as she spends most of her time wishing she could live her best friends’ lives. Margaret’s wish finally comes true when her friends, who spontaneously decide to take a six-week trip to Europe, leave her the keys to their apartments and ultimately a lot more.

In “Diva’s Inc,” Margaret discovers that the secret to becoming a diva means living by the diva motto, “Me first.”

In this funny and almost ridiculous story, the reader takes the passenger seat next to Margaret while she steps in her girlfriends’ shoes. This means wearing their clothes, maxing out their credit cards, dating their boyfriends and most importantly, getting invited to the grand diva social of the year.

But, she only has one problem: She has to find out the password to the event, which takes her on more adventures in one day than she’s experienced in her entire life.

Eventually Margaret finds out the difference between the myth of the diva and the reality of herself.

This book is a definite page-turner. Not because it’s so wonderful, but mainly because the story is so outrageous you must know what happens next. This is an entertaining read only, no scholarly literature here. “Diva Inc.” does offer plenty of humorous hints at molding women to become the next “diva.” Rule No. 1: “Me first above all others.” Rule No. 4: “Appearance counts: Wear only the best, even when you can’t afford it.”

Every true diva or potential one, for that matter, should check out “Divas Inc.” The ultimate diva tip -“Walk with attitude. If people think you know where you are going, they will be sure to follow.” Spoken by a true diva.

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