Alumna’s book signing postponed

The book signing featuring a Florida A&M University alumna that was planned for Thursday at the University’s bookstore has been postponed until further notice.

Victoria Pilate, a 1989 graduate, was scheduled to sign her book “Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms.” According to a press release issued by Pilate’s public relations staff, the book will cover a range of topics from office politics to etiquette. The book, which costs $13, also provides tips on interviewing, business travel and presentations.

Pilate said her main goal in writing the book was to teach students how to make the transition from school to the workplace.

“I think the biggest challenge is being prepared. The world is very competitive. I wanted blacks to understand that they have to be ready to compete,” Pilate said.

“I think that is one of the things young blacks do not understand. It is not easy to make the transition to the job market. The more prepared they are, the easier it will be.”

While completing a graduate project at the University of Maryland, Pilate was inspired to write the book. She conducted an e-mail survey of close to 200 people and sent out a series of personal e-mails to find out how people went from college to where they are now.

The author said her personal experiences also played a role in the completion of the book.

“As I was doing the research, all of the things I experienced were coming back to me,” Pilate said.

“I thought of the things I wish I had known and discovered what others need to know.” In addition to making an appearance at the bookstore, Pilate was also scheduled to lecture business students about her book, career and the labor force. Pilate double-majored in business administration and economics while attending the University.

“A book signing is one of the best things an author can do, especially if they are lecturing on campus or participating in other campus events,” said James Burch, assistant manager of the University’s bookstore.

Pilate currently works as a statistician for the government, but plans to leave that job and focus on her writing. “Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms” is Pilate’s second book. Her first work, “To Happiness,” was written for charity.

She has three other projects in the works – a children’s book, a book on blacks in the military during the Civil War and another based on her family history.

Since graduating from FAMU, Pilate has founded the Cuyler Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides books and school supplies to children in the United States and Africa. She is also a supporter of the Eden Garden Orphanage, which houses children in Guatemala and Haiti.

Although the book signing is postponed, officials at the bookstore said they are anticipating Pilate’s arrival and are ecstatic about the impact that the book will have on students.

“I think the book will help because it will teach students about networking. One of the positive things about living on campus is that you get to meet people who may be able to help you in the future,” said Giavanno Flagg, textbook supervisor.

“I think she has a lot to offer the students.”

Pilate’s public relations team is working on re-scheduling the book signing.

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